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Email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels to drive the growth of your business

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Effective Email Marketing That Drives Success

Email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels to drive the growth of your business. Let PanGrow help you. Our end-to-end managed email marketing services are designed to ensure that your business achieves the desired revenue growth. Our services include optimized email content creation so that your clients visit your website, interact, and convert into customers, A/B testing of email copies to make sure your product or service gets highlighted through the best content copy, campaign automation to deliver the maximum engagement, and last but not least, we assist you in choosing the best possible campaign package that suits your budget and business goals.

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    4 billion people across the globe check emails actively. Connect with PanGrow and engage your customers via email

    End-to-End Managed Email Marketing Solution By PanGrow

    PanGrow’s End-to-end managed email marketing solution is designed to best suit organizations that are new to email marketing or do not have the expertise to execute such campaigns in-house and are looking for an effective marketing avenue to grow their business. Our strategies are formulated to ensure that your business communications reach your target customers’ inboxes. PanGrow’s seasoned email marketing experts understand your business goals and draw a customized email marketing strategy, keeping your brand’s values and ethos at the core. The PanGrow team is there to assist you in achieving your marketing goals and reach new heights of success.

    The PanGrow team takes all the effort, from creating and sanitizing your contact lists to segmenting them based on specific characteristics like customer journey stage, previous engagements and communications with the client, and many more, to ensure maximized ROI from the email campaigns. PanGrow also specializes in designing and running automated email campaigns, eliminating the need for mid-campaign manual interventions.

    PanGrow’s End-to-End Managed Email Marketing Solution includes
    Contact List Creation & Segmentation
    Custom email Strategy to Suit Your Business Needs
    Compelling Email Subject Lines & Copies
    Creative Generation (CGI) for Inclusion Within Email Body
    A/B Testing to find the email copy driving maximum conversions
    Lead Generation & Engagement Reporting

    Partially Managed Email Marketing Solution By PanGrow

    PanGrow’s partially managed email marketing solution is the best fit for organizations that are aware of how email marketing works and are ready to reap the benefits by engaging with their clientele. These organizations would ideally have the customer segmentation done and are prepared with their contact lists and the message they wish to convey. PanGrow can help such clients by refining their strategy, selecting the most suitable ESP (Email Service Provider) based on the number of contacts to be reached out to and the number of emails to be sent, and finally, planning and automating the campaigns. Organizations opting for the partially managed solution tend to have better control over the campaigns as they can define and finalize the contact lists, email copies, and messaging.

    Comparison between the End-to-End Managed and Partially Managed solution.

    Activity End-to-end Managed email Marketing Service Partially Managed email Marketing Service
    Curating contact lists & finalizing customer segmentation
    designing email subject lines, content and graphics
    Suggesting suitable ESP
    Strategizing campaign launch and automation
    A/B testing of email copies/campaigns
    PanGrow reports campaign engagement and success matrix


    The PanGrow Advantage

    Why you should use PanGrow as your email marketing specialist.

    Customized email campaigning strategies to suit your business needs.

    Flexible and affordable packages.

    Flexible and affordable packages.

    Over a decade of experience in planning, designing, and executing email campaigns.

    360-degree approach and support.

    More than 20K leads generated to date for client businesses.

    Personalization & email automation are the keys to a successful email campaign. Let PanGrow help you reach more customers effectively.

    How email marketing works – A step-by-step guide

    Email marketing is considered one of the best outreach activities a business can adopt to amplify returns. If done correctly, It can prove to be a very effective arrow in your quiver of marketing initiatives when it comes to generating brand awareness, building relations with existing and potential customers, and helping people who have interacted with your business recollect your brand when they are in need of your services or products. Mentioned below are some steps to build up an effective email marketing campaign to achieve the desired ROI

    1. Define audience

    It is of utmost importance to understand your customers, their personas, and their pain points when they were interacting with your business. Segmenting your customer data based on how and when they interacted with your business, whether they purchased your services or products, whether they abandoned their shopping cart before finalizing a purchase, at which point during the customer journey did they drop out of the funnel, helps you in determining the outreach strategy and finalizing the message that will drive them towards conversion. In parallel, understanding customer demographics like age, gender, location, and interest also helps to understand who is more interested in your product or service and is likelier to buy from your business. This essentially happens when the contact list for a campaign is being curated. The finalized lists may also need sanitization after the campaign is launched, in terms of removing contacts who have requested to unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns or are not interested in communicating with your business. PanGrow’s team helps you with this step by verifying, segmenting, and finalizing the contact list based on your business goals.

    2. Goal Setting

    Every email campaign has to have a defined goal. These should be measurable so that you understand how to analyze and highlight if the desired results are being obtained. Email campaign goals may be one of the following:

    • Generating more user registrations for your application or website.
    • Driving website traffic.
    • Launching and promoting new products or services.
    • Pursuing customers to conclude a purchase they initiated and then abandoned.
    • Rolling out offers to existing as well as new customers.

    When setting up the goal, a business should keep in mind the needs of the business as well as the requirements of the customer. This would ensure that the customer receives a relevant message that he/she can relate to and take action. It also ensures that your messaging does not become spammy. PanGrow devices a bespoke strategy for every organization it assists based on the business’s goal and the message that needs to be conveyed.

    3. Selecting an email marketing platform & ESP (Email Service Provider)

    The selection of an email service provider plays a pivotal role in the marketing campaign’s success. While shortlisting and selecting the service provider and ESP, the following need to be considered:

    • Scalability in terms of number of contacts and outbound email quota.
    • Features and functions to design email copies.
    • Delivery rate for outbound emails
    • A/B testing capabilities.
    • Automation capabilities.
    • Availability of tech support.

    A platform that provides you with enough flexibility and functions to scale, experiment, test, and automate your campaigns should be considered for inclusion in your marketing process. PanGrow has incorporated a 3 tier solution for its clientele, focusing on the above-mentioned parameters. This enables us to provide options to our customers based on their allocated marketing budget, the number of contacts they wish to reach out to, and the number of emails they need to send.

    PanGrow’s email marketing solutions have helped 100+ brands generate 720K+ leads and increase conversions by 147% in the past decade. We can be a part of your success story too

    4. Finalize the campaign type

    Email Marketing campaigns work best when the messaging and delivery are designed to be focused on appealing to the customer to take a particular action. That is why it is considered to be a best practice to provide the customer with only one CTA within the sent email. The likelihood of higher open rates and click-through rates increases with a customer-centric and clear email. The campaign type, therefore, depends on what the business wants to offer to the customer, how it is being offered, and whether it is aligned with the business’s goals. Some popular email marketing campaign types are:

    • Autoresponders – These include automatic replies, welcome emails, or transactional emails that are sent out against any form or request submission through a website or application. These are sent out only once and may be considered as the starting point for a larger campaign.
    • Content or Feature Updates – These include emails sent out to existing customers to inform them about any updates or additions to the application, product, or service they are already using. These can also be directed to customers who have used your product under a free trial plan but have not become paid subscribers.
    • Re-engagement and Client Nurturing campaigns –These include either cold outreach emails sent to customers who showed interest in your offerings but did not conclude a sale, or clients who are yet to decide if they want to buy from you. Reaching out to these customer segments with details related to features, benefits of using your service or product, success stories, and testimonials from existing customers may help to re-engage a cold lead or to nurture and convert a client by helping him/her to take the decision to buy from your business.
    • Promotional/Launch campaigns –– These typically include emails that deliver information about new product/service launches or announcements related to updates and/or organizational-level achievements like certifications, accreditations, etc. These campaigns may be executed with the intent to generate awareness amongst prospective clients and update existing customers about any latest developments that may impact them in some way.
    • Newsletter – This is the most popular campaign type used by almost every company across the globe. Newsletter campaigns run according to a pre-defined schedule and help the most in setting up a better brand recollection for the customer. They also help provide a sense of community for your audience and are one of the most efficient mediums to keep them engaged and updated.

    PanGrow’s expert team of email marketers assist you to decide which campaign types would best suit your business goals and fetch the maximum ROI.

    5. Curating email or contact lists

    Any email marketing campaign requires a list of contacts, typically names and email IDs to function with. Although there is the option to purchase contact lists for email campaigns, it is not advised to take this route as you cannot be sure if the included contacts are relevant and wish to hear from your company. Moreover, customer segmentation is impossible with these lists, which is a very crucial step that may decide the success of your campaigns, as described earlier. Also, the authenticity of the data available in such contact lists is always a question. Instead, companies should use contacts of clients who have interacted with their business or showed interest in the product or service earlier.
    PanGrow’s team assists you in curating and segmenting these lists so that your business communicates with the correct audience and delivers the information that they need to confirm a sale with your business.

    6. Design and test your emails

    This could be considered as one of the crucial activities when planning an email marketing campaign. The emails that are sent to your audience convey the message on which your audience is expected to act. Therefore, it is imperative that the messaging is crisp and clear and provides the required information in the simplest way possible. The email design can be broken down into the following parts: Email Subject line – The subject line is the first thing that your audience or customer get to see in their inboxes. Hence, the subject line helps the customers decide if they want to open the email to get more details, affecting the open rate of your campaigns. Some of the tried and tested strategies dictate that creating a sense of urgency works best to get the audience members to go ahead and open the emails.

    • Email Body and Content – The email body carries detailed information about your product, update, or announcement and compels your audience to take actions like signups, registrations, or purchases through the included CTA (Call-to-Action). Although it is considered a best practice to provide only one CTA within the email, you may decide to have more than one CTA in your emails, depending on what is being offered. Images and creatives are another set of elements that may be included to attract more attention or to provide information at one glance.
    • Signature – Like regular emails, campaign emails should always be accompanied by a crisp signature consisting of information about other mediums to connect with your company, like social media links, website links, phone numbers, etc. Signatures can also include certification and accreditation details which help in building up a trust factor between the customer and the company.
    • A link to “Unsubscribe” – Even after very carefully curating and segmenting your audience/contact lists, you will always find some audience members who may not be interested in receiving communications from your company. A link to unsubscribe from your marketing campaigns, included in the footer, provides these members the option to let you know about the same and enables you to actively exclude them from any forthcoming campaigns. It also highlights that your business complies with privacy rules and international mandates like GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM Act, etc.

    The PanGrow team follows these guidelines to ensure your email campaigns are effective and will experience high open rates and CTRs. A/B testing is done to zero down upon the most optimized email copy, leading to higher conversions.

    7. Measure the results

    Measuring your campaign results is the only way to find out if the emails that have been sent out are performing as per your expectations. Below mentioned are some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you should track:

    • Unique open rate – This KPI measures the number of unique email recipients who open your emails. It’s an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of your subject lines and the relevance of your emails.
    • Click-through rate – This KPI measures the number of people who click links included in your emails, providing insight into content effectiveness.
    • Bounce rate – This KPI measures the number of emails that were not delivered to the recipient’s mailbox because of a problem with the recipient’s email server or the email ID. A high bounce rate indicates that you may have an unproductive email list.
    • Unsubscribe rate – This KPI tracks the number of recipients opting to unsubscribe from your marketing campaigns. This helps to gauge the effectiveness of your emails and whether they are perceived as spammy or irrelevant by your recipients. By keeping track of this metric, you can take measures to improve the quality of your emails and retain your subscribers.

    PanGrow reports the success and effectiveness of your campaigns using the above-mentioned KPIs and suggests changes in the overall strategy in order to achieve better results and ensure business growth.

    Why should your business invest in email marketing?

    Email marketing is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy that a business can invest in. It allows companies to reach a large customer base with the latest offers, information, and more. Below are some statistics highlighting the importance and benefits of engaging customers through emails.
    • According to a study by Statista, there were about 4.3 billion active email users globally, comprising nearly 50% of the global population. This number is expected to increase to 4.7 billion by 2026.
    • Another study by Statista highlights that the global email marketing market is projected to be valued at 17.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2027
    • Personalized emails play a significant role in client conversions. According to Forrester, 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization. Moreover, emails with personalized content witness up to 50% higher open rates
    • According to Spiceworks, emails with interactive content like videos, quizzes, etc. can boost click rates up to 300% and increase the click-to-open rate by 73%

    Considering the facts presented above, it becomes clear that email marketing is going to prevail as one of the most beneficial marketing channels in the coming years.

    PanGrow has assisted organizations from various sectors, like real estate, healthcare, technology, etc., in driving revenue growth by deploying focused email marketing initiatives. We have witnessed about a 200% increment in the number of SQLs for some of our customers, leading to a significant surge in deal closures.

    Why should you hire an email marketing service provider or agency to run your campaigns?

    Planning and executing email marketing campaigns is a serious task that requires investment of time, and skills if you wish to get the bang for your buck. Before deciding if this should be done in-house or should it be outsourced to a professional agency, you need to check for the following:

    • Do you have the required expertise to plan and execute email campaigns in-house? Without a dedicated team of trained professionals, effectively launching and maintaining such campaigns may be a very demanding task requiring your undivided attention.
    • If you are new to the world of email marketing, you will have to learn the basics and practice designing and launching campaigns on your own, even before you can go ahead and start hiring people to set up a team.
    • Email marketing has a multi-faceted input model, which may include job profiles like, content writers, graphic designers, website developers, etc. Are you ready to take on all these roles by yourself?
    • Even after automating all your email campaigns, analysis of the results and the data gathered from these campaigns may present some opportunities. Would you have the bandwidth and time to review all the data and update your strategies accordingly?
    • A professional email marketing agency has the experience and expertise to run such campaigns. Tackling issues like spamming, optimization for delivery and, open rate increment, etc., are a few of the challenges these agencies foresee and take measures to overcome or avoid.

    PanGrow works with a team of dedicated and highly experienced email marketing specialists. Their domain knowledge and expertise in successfully running email marketing campaigns are bound to assist you in reaching your business goals in a faster and more efficient manner. Let’s connect and make things happen!

    Mastering Email Marketing: Tips and Insights for Success 📧

    Explore our blog section to gain valuable insights and expert tips on mastering the art of email marketing, and enhance your strategies for reaching and engaging your audience effectively.

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    PanGrow’s pro digital marketers  🚀

    217% Increase in Lead Acquisition through Facebook Ads

    318% Increase in Engagement through LinkedIn Ads

    189% Increase in CTR

    277% boost in Ad traffic

      278% Increase in CTR

    142% boost in conversion rate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does my Business need Email Marketing?

    It is very crucial for any business to reach out and engage with its customers on a regular basis. Email Marketing is the best medium to do this.

    How to calculate the cost to run an email marketing campaign?

    The cost, or investment required to run an email marketing campaign depends on the platform you choose, the number of contacts or customers you ish to target, and the number of emails you wish to send out.

    Which tech platform to select for running email campaigns?

    Some of the popular email campaign platforms are Mail Chimp, Hubspot, Omnisend, Sendinblue.

    What are the 5 T’s of Email marketing?

    While designing an effective email marketing strategy, one has to follows the 5 T’s – Tease, Target, Teach, Test, Track.

    What is the 80/20 rule in Email Marketing?

    The 80/20 rule in Email Marketing – 80% of the clicks and email opens received come from 20% of the emails sent. Hence, accurate selection of contact. For your email campaign list becomes crucial.