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An online business requires accurate analytics to figure out forthcoming challenges and existing hidden opportunities to be able to take corrective actions where they are required. Our data driven analytical approach helps you by brining to your notice the finer details that may get overlooked when working with large volumes of data.

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    How can PanGrow help

    Our business analytics services apply techniques like Regression analysis, Factor analysis, Cohort analysis, Cluster analysis. We conduct data mining from your historic records in order to be able to set up a cause-and-effect relationship between your processes. We do the number churning and bring to the table a list of possible actions that may support you to grow your business further. Our analytical reports cover information and insights from your production process to your customer behavior. These actionable insights can be used to build up robust strategies to help increase your conversions and revenue.

    Our analytical services cover the following:

    Analysis of historic data from your business or website.

    Identifying process efficiency

    Presenting the current situation of your business and predicting feasibility for near future.

    Identifying improvement areas within processes

    Proposing upgrades or changes to the entire or a part of the process to make them more efficient and drive growth.

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    FAQ’s Related to Analytics

    Do I need Analytics for my business?

    Every business can benefit from analytics as it can help you streamline your processes and make you aware about any missed or hidden opportunities.

    How to Analyze my business for growth?

    Business analytics play a crucial role in growth. PanGrow’s analytics services can help you analyze, identify and implement new ideas and strategies effectively.

    What are the challenges with web analytics?

    Accuracy and security of data are the two major challenges with web analytics.