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Marketing Collaterals comprise of the content curated specifically to convey the USPs of your offerings to your customers. To be more precise, these content pieces define how your customers perceive your business and understand the benefits of purchasing and using your products or services. Hence, it becomes imperative that these writeups should be able to clearly define the solution that your business is offering and are acceptable and understandable by your clients and customers.

At the same time, since these content pieces may need to be made available on your website or other online platforms, thy need to be SEO friendly so that they are positioned at higher ranks on SERPs by search engines like Google.

How Can Pangrow Help

At PanGrow, we are aware and understand the cruciality of a marketing collateral. Whether it is a product description, technical specification document, service or product launch announcement, or a press release, we ensure to that it is carefully drafted and is compliant with all 5 guidelines of content creation, viz Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, and a high readability score. Our team of content creation experts can assist your business with the following collateral formats:

Press Releases

Blog Content

Social Media Content


Website Content



Product Specification Documents

Product Manuals & Guides

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    What are the different types of Content for Marketing?

    There is a slew of content that you can use to promote your products and services. It is also regarded as the cost-effective way to ensure customers are engaged, well-informed and make your business visible online. Various types of content for marketing are deduced below:

    Blog posts
    It includes writing about topics and subjects  pertaining to the products or services. Blog writing uses targeted keywords and in-depth research for content optimization.

    Case studies
    They can show brands as experts in the field and offer a real-life example to show how customers used your products or services successfully.

    This content marketing strategy involves the use of an image and text that is widely shared online. It can boost your traffic and organic share.

    It is a ubiquitous channel to engage an audience and generate leads. Video content can play an invaluable role in helping customers know your product and services.


    Testimonials and reviews
    It is a cost-effective way to drive the content on the website. Customer reviews and feedback can boost the credibility of your brand.

    A step-by-step guide to solving an issue that can generate leads. It can be used to ensure customers are on the right track.

    They are long-form content that gives customers invaluable information.               A deep dive into a subject matter can spark interest and support your marketing goals.


    Guides and how-tos
    It is a cost-effective way to drive the content on the website. Customer reviews and feedback can boost the credibility of your brand.

    Influencer marketing
    The use of influencers to promote your brand has become a popular marketing strategy. Trust built by influencers can be used to generate leads.

    What is Content Marketing and why is it important?

    Content marketing is the mainstay of all types of marketing and holds paramount for a successful strategy. The use of high-quality content can appeal to consumer’s attention and may possibly enhance conversions. It can help you build relationships and trust and generate leads. Content marketing on social media emphasizes the creation and distribution of consistent brand messaging and thought-provoking content that can retain and attract a specific audience. Consistency of the content will encourage viewers to count on your brand’s credibility. The use of a call to action in the content can drive leads. Investment in content marketing will drive SERP ranking, generate leads and boost conversion.

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