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Messenger Marketing is a type of digital marketing wherein businesses can use instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp to reach out, engage, share updates to their customers. WhatsApp marketing can be used to reach larger audience bases, deliver more personalized promotions and engaging content to enhance customer relations, promote your business and offerings, and increase sales.

WhatsApp offers a free and secure marketing platform that needs to be run with a WhatsApp business account that runs on a separate “WhatsApp for Business” Application. Businesses get the option to set it up with a different phone number than the owner’s personal number. In case a personal number is used then the account gets converted into a business account and can be accessed through the above-mentioned application only. It is advised to keep the business and personal profiles separate. Currently, WhatsApp supports a plethora of business types with customized “Away Messages”, “Automatic Replies”, “Greeting Messages”. With the latest update, it is now possible to request and receive payments also with the business app. There is also the option to use chatbots to reply to queries and FAQs automatically, although, these may be chargeable separately as third party integrations.

How can PanGrow help

PanGrow can help you set up and run your business on WhatsApp, providing end to end support with onboarding, configuration, deployment, even if you do not have a website. A dedicated team of marketers will be made available to handle your business profile and operations, generate leads and transfer qualified queries to your sales team for conversion. This provides you with more time to invest into strategy formulation for further growth. A dedicated communication and discussion channel will also be set up for sharing insights and performance reports on a periodic basis.

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    FAQ’s Related to WhatsApp Marketing

    Is WhatsApp Marketing Free?

    Yes, if it is done through the WhatsApp Business App. Integration of chatbots or usage of any API based platforms may be chargeable.

    Is WhatsApp Marketing legal in India?

    Yes, only if marketing campaigns and activities are run using the WhatsApp Business App. Using the social messaging app for marketing is not considered legal.

    Can a business without a website use WhatsApp for marketing?

    Yes, with the available option to receive payments on WhatsApp, and by implementing effective marketing strategies, not having a website is not a concern to promote a business through WhatsApp