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Local SEO helps you optimize your online presence to boost local search engine visibility among potential customers and users. The growing popularity of local internet marketing has furthered the importance of local search to enhance customer experience. Mobile size optimization and voice searches have also been the talk of the town. The million-dollar question may arise as to how an enterprise gets into the top three. Well, it is largely attributed to location-based SEO.

What’s more? It will do no harm even if you do not have a website – it will accentuate traffic to your area or periphery on the back of online leads. In a similar vein, it is worth mentioning the emerging trend of Google My Business (GMB).

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How is Local SEO different from SEO?

While the two share some similarities, there are some notable differences. Local SEO is part of the SEO and strives to boost local visibility. SEO optimizes a website to attain a higher ranking for phrases or keywords relevant to the products or services of the business. National SEO, as the name suggests, targets a broad audience—for example—Amazon. In contrast, local SEO solutions are designed to attract customers in a specified region with specific phrases and keywords.

Brands with a regional focus engage in local search marketing with geo-targeting keywords. “Garage near me,” or “California Parlor” are instances of local SEO. Additionally, local SEO strategies also involve designing a website with a focus on name, phone number and address. Meanwhile, SEO may use keywords without local digital marketing. Since they are more into online, they may not be required to share their local business information.

What type of business needs Local SEO?

Local SEO can be instrumental to appeal to customers who have an interest in the products and services you have to offer. Local business SEO is a vital cog to help your firm stay relevant and foster organic traffic. Businesses that seek or may need local SEO are delineated below (not an exhaustive list):

Small Businesses

Law Firms

Medical Services

Pet Services

Local Services—parlor, garage, boutique


Benefits from PanGrow’s Local SEO service:

Establish a focused presence within your community or business area.

Our strategy will be developed to compliment your business entirely.

Appear for searches with “near me” and “best in city” search strings.

Appear for searches performed on search engines and maps

Grow your business, drive more sales, and increase your revenue.

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    From managing to generate more than 8,000 qualified leads for a company to generating leads in a record time of less than four weeks, we believe that we can provide your company with a hands-on process to succeed.

    FAQ’s related to Local SEO

    What affects Local SEO?

    Relevancy of focus keyword and alignment to search intent can affect Local SEO to
    a large extent. Inclusion of vital details like name, address and phone numbers is
    also crucial.

    What are the best things to do for Local SEO?

    Local SEO best practices include creation of a GMB page, gather good reviews from customers, Optimize for voice search and mobile, focus on local keywords, follow and create content related to local events.

    Do I need a Website for Local SEO?

    No, even if you do not have a website, you can create a Google Mu Business Listing and use it as an alternative.

    How much should I invest into Local SEO for my business?

    Local SEO costings a majorly influenced by the number of locations and number of products or services being offered. More locations and services will increase the investment cost.