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Your website business can close a sale and generate more revenue only when your visitors perform a desired action and convert into customers. This desired action can be anything like visitors submitting their email IDs to get more information, subscribing for a free trial or paid service, requesting for a sample or visitors scheduling consultation calls for professional services. Conversion rates indicate the ratio between visitors and the ones who actually interacted with your website and became your clients.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) entails analyzing, testing and improvement of website elements like CTAs and their placement, offer highlights, trust building factors etc. in order to increase the percentage of visitors who interact with these elements leading them to get converted and become a customer, thereby positively impacting your sales and revenue generation.

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    How can PanGrow help

    At PanGrow, we understand that increasing client conversions is what drives success and growth for a business, and that is exactly what we aim to achieve for you with our CRO services.

    Our team of CRO experts analyze the current trend of visitors and their behavior on your website to create strategies that can drive more of these to take some action and become a lead and ultimately a customer.

    Our CRO approach will include:

    Usability Analysis based on current trends of visitor behavior – Checking how your visitors are using your website, are they able to, and comfortable with finding the correct CTA, understand your offerings, and trust you as a business.

    Analysis of current conversion trends on your website – Comparing the results of existing marketing campaigns to understand which one drives the highest volume of Qualified Leads.

    Presenting a plan of action – Data gathering and suggesting improvements that may help increase conversion rates

    A/B Testing – Setting up A/B tests and multivariate tests to check if the suggested changes would work in your favor

    Analysis of Customer Conversion Funnels – Tracking of a customer’s journey on your website, starting from entrance as a visitor, all the way to taking an action to become a customer. We check for any distracting elements or factors that may be driving the visitor away form taking th desired action or clicking on that CTA.

    Analysis of Website Design, Content & Aesthetics – Comparison and analysis of all your web pages to identify improvement opportunities with overall website design, content and the aesthetics like navigation, page and information layout and the ease of access to purchase or submit a lead to your website through a CTA.

    Let our Conversion Rate Expert help you better optimize your website so that your business can fill up all gaps and increase revenue by capitalizing on all hidden opportunities. Fill up the form below or email us at [email protected].

    FAQ’s Related to Conversion Rate Optimization

    What can a business achieve from Conversion Rate Optimization operations?

    CRO can help you identify hidden opportunities and reduce your customer acquisition costs. More of your visitors convert into customers, thereby increasing revenue per visitor and driving growth for your business

    Is Conversion Rate Optimization a continuous process?

    Yes, Conversion Rate Optimization is an continuous process wherein regular monitoring, analysis and improvement can help you achieve your business goals and attain sustainable growth.