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Facebook advertising provides businesses with the tools to showcase their products, create awareness, generate interest and drive more sales through the Facebook and Instagram platforms. After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, all Facebook ads can be run on Instagram in parallel. Facebook, being a top social media platform, can be used for advertising B2C products and services very effectively. Businesses get the option to list their products on the Facebook Marketplace which performs like an ecommerce platform and lets customer purchase directly from the seller.

Facebook Ads Manager provides advertising opportunities in the following formats:

Photo Ads

Story Ads

Messenger Ads

Playable Ads

Video Ads

Collection Ads

Carousel Ads

Slideshow Ads

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    Businesses can target their ads to relevant customers, based on the following criteria:






    Business need to start by defining their core audience, targeted based on the above mentioned criteria. Thereafter, they get the option to shortlist users who interact with these ads and create a custom audience group. These users can then be delivered tailored and customized offers and content to further engage them and drive them towards a deal closure. There is another option of targeting lookalike audience that would include new people whose interests are similar to those of their best customers.

    The ads manager tool also provides analytics for every ad and campaign that has been running. These analytics can be used to monitor the performance of campaigns and take actionable decisions in order to further optimize the process and gain more returns.

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    How can PanGrow help

    Our internet advertising experts can help you start promoting your business on Facebook and achieve the desired ROI with our bespoke strategies. We will help you plan, design and launch your campaigns and increase website conversions, all within your budget.

    Our approach would include:

    Planning the right kind of campaign for your offerings

    Selecting an ad format that fits your brand and product perfectly

    Assist you in finalizing a budget for investing into paid media on Facebook

    Designing an Ad format that compliments your offerings and gives your ad the maximum visibility possible.

    Finalize targeting parameters so that your ad reaches the relevant customers

    Testing the Ad campaign and finally launching it for a larger audience

    Maintenance of your ad campaigns

    Regular reporting of progress

    Do you think Facebook could be the best platform to promote your business and drive online sales? Let us know your requirements by filling up the form below or sending us an email at [email protected]. We would love to help you!