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LinkedIn Advertising Solutions – Professional B2B paid Marketing to instill growth and drive sales. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing digital marketing platforms in the world. With over 69% of B2B companies using LinkedIn as a primary source of marketing, we will ensure that your LinkedIn presence and spend are optimized.

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LinkedIn, as we all know, is a social platform for businesses and professional, and is designed to support networking among peers, colleagues and business leaders. Linked Advertising has become very popular as it has the capacity to place a product or service in front of the individual who may be looking for it, ensuring a sale happens. It gives you the power to target your audience based on the following diverse range of criteria:

Alongside, it also provides for inclusion and exclusion of specific sections of your target market to expand or narrow down your audience. There are more targeting features available, like Audience Templates, Matched Audience, Audience Expansion, which may be incorporated to further optimize ad targeting.

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    LinkedIn’s Native Tools

    LinkedIn’s native tool, the LinkedIn Campaign Manager can be used to design, optimize and deploy advertisements that show up on Linked Feeds and Inmail for the targeted customer group. The campaign manager can be used to create the following advertisement types on LinkedIn:

    Sponsored Content

    Single image & Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Event Ads

    Sponsored Messaging

    Conversation Ads & Message Ads

    Lead Generation Forms

    Effective Lead Capture Prospect Acquisition

    Text & Dynamic Ads

    Text Ads, Spotlight Ads, Follower Ads

    LinkedIn Campaign Manager also allows provides analytics for advertising campaigns being run. You can see how your ads are performing and compare multiple campaigns to find more opportunities and areas of improvement to be able to drive more conversions.

    How can PanGrow help

    PanGrow’s dedicated LinkedIn advertising solutions are designed to help you the achieve the best possible results, while operating within your budget. Our team of expert LinkedIn Marketeers will provide support from designing and deploying a campaign to driving more conversions and reporting everything that has happened with utmost accuracy.

    Our approach would include:

    Suggesting the ad format best suited for your business/product/service

    Designing, testing and deployment of Ad Campaigns and Ad copies

    Assist you with optimum budget for investing to get maximum ROI

    Monitoring of Ad campaign performance on regular basis.

    Suggesting updates or changes based on market scenario and competitor research

    Driving increased conversions through your LinkedIn Ads.

    Ready to engage customers and drive sales using LinkedIn. Contact us to get the best advertising solutions. Fill up the form below or send us an email at [email protected].


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    FAQ’s Related to LinkedIn Advertisements

    Is LinkedIn the right platform to promote my business?

    If your business caters to B2B clients then LinkedIn is the apt platform for running sponsored promotion campaigns and advertisements. It can also prove beneficial for B2C companies.

    How effective is advertising on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn Advertisements have been reported to have a conversion rate of 6.1% in the U.S.A. Hence, it is highly effective when compared to other internet advertising platforms.

    What are the 4 pillars of LinkedIn Advertising?

    The 4 pillars of LinkedIn Advertising are: Create a professional brand, find potential customers, Use in-depth insights to engage them, Build lasting business relations.