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Achieving your lead generation targets is one thing and nurturing and converting these leads to customers is another. At times, many of our clients have shared their experiences, where they have not been able to actively respond and cater to all the leads we had generated for them during a specified period of time, simply because the volume was too high. Marketing automation tools and techniques can help if you are also in a similar situation.
Marketing automation allows you to set up machine run processes that may include responding and following up with all MQLs on behalf of your business, send follow up reminders to your sales representatives for all SQLs in your lead pipeline, manage your email marketing lists and activities to nurture your cold leads and re-engage clients who have already purchased from your business, and much more. Your sales experts get to invest this saved time to engage, nurture, convert and upsell or cross-sell to crucial and important customers.

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    Our team has been working out marketing automation solutions for more than 5 years in the past for a number of our clients. We have developed and implemented strategies that have helped our customers increase their conversions by 15% to 20% on a year to year basis. When you choose to work with PanGrow towards incorporating marketing automation, you get to choose from world class automation tools like Hubspot, Zoho, Eloqua, Marketo etc. We then assist you design the process that would be a best fit for your business, setup the tool and implement the process on your behalf. This is then followed by tech support available as required and reporting of progress and results achieved.

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    FAQ’s related to Marketing Automation

    What problems does marketing automation solve?

    Marketing Automation brings in a machine driven approach in order to make marketing activities simpler, easier and able to run without much of human intervention, this freeing up time for business leaders to innovate and grow.

    How can I use marketing Automation for my business?

    Marketing automation can be used to create workflows to perform activities like email marketing, behavioral targeting, lead prioritization, and personalized advertising on an automatic mode.

    What are the benefits of Marketing Automation?

    Marktig Automation, if implemented correctly, can help businesses generate more leads, nurture all leads based on their lifecycle stages (MQL, SQL, PQL), and enhace customer experience to some extent.