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“A good website design drives more conversions. The better optimized the design is, higher will be the conversion.” A lot depends on how a website is designed when lead generation and sales are in question. A website’s design includes not only the colors, images, and look and feel of the web page but the messaging, ease of access and navigation, clarity of offerings and Call-to-actions (CTA) also. When designing a website layout, it is very important to keep in mind that it will effect the overall user experience and, therefore, website conversions.

At Pangrow, a team of web design experts work with you continuously to provide you with support and assistance and help you get maximum returns from your online property.

PanGrow’s web design service starts with the following approach:

Audting the existing web page designs.

Identifying navigation issues, if any.

Deployment of final optimized design to drive conversions.

Creating a plan for A/B testing.

Identifying opportunities to experiment.

Data gathering from test report and analyzing outcomes.

Deployment and initiation of A/B tests.

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