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Having a website enables a business to reach a larger audience and engage with new customers, thereby driving more revenue. In today’s world a consumer looks for information and services on the internet before even thinking about stepping out to look for more options. Hence, it is very important for any business to maintain its online presence and keep appearing in front of customers looking for the services and products they offer.

A strategically planned and developed website always balances the business’s technical goals and its customers’ expectations while providing the best possible buying experience. While optimizing your website user interface in order to provide the best user experience, you need to be very careful with each element, color, CTA and the message that you wish to convey.

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    How can PanGrow help

    Our team of web developers are committed to help you throughout the development process of your website. After all technical processes, like choosing the domain name and hosting solution, are taken care of, we discuss and carefully plan the website structure, navigation layout and user interface, keeping in mind that this would affect user experience directly. These are the elements that make your website look beautiful and also make it functional for your customers to browse through. Better user interface guarantees better user experience, and therefore, better conversions.

    Our Website Development process would include:

    Selecting a suitable domain name and hosting solution

    Understanding your business and product, and your requirements for the website.

    Plan and create a wireframe including overall structure, page layouts, and user navigation

    Selecting a suitable framework for the development process. You can choose from the likes of Laravel, CakePHP, WordPress etc.

    Creation of mockup web designs that compliment your business.

    Execution of the coding ops for the website.

    Testing of website within a secure staging environment.

    Bug Fixing.

    Finally, putting up your website to get indexed and for internet users all over the globe to see and interact with your business.

    Still wondering how to create a website and if it would help your business. Talk to one of our experts and discover how easy this could be when you do it with PanGrow. Fill out the form below or email us at [email protected]

    How to create a website to deliver the best user experience

    Start with a design layout that is clear and simple to navigate. Be consistent with colors and typography

    Make sure the website is mobile friendly. Google, world's most advanced and leading search engine, gives preference to websites that are equally responsive and functional across all devices. It is very important to resolve any CLS (Cumulative layout shift) that may occur

    Make it easy for the visitors to find what they're searching for. Use clear and concise meta tags, headings, labels, and calls to action (CTA) to guide users through your website and enhance user experience.

    Include visual elements like high quality images, animations, videos for the visitors to engage with. Make sure these elements are optimized for the web

    Make sure the website loads fast enough on the visitor’s screen. According to a study conducted by Portent in 2019, a maximum load time of 4 seconds is considered to be best. It also maintains that the first five seconds of a user's visit, including the page-load time, makes the highest impact on conversion rates.

    It’s very important to test your website with real users to identify and resolve any usability issues. Consumer feedback can help while making improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

    Use website analytics tools measure properties like user behavior, engagement, session time and bounce rate of your website. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement and further optimize the user experience.

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    FAQ’s related to Website Development

    Does my business need a website?

    Yes, if you are growth oriented and wish to increase your revenue, a website is a must have to compliment your business as it lets customers from all around the world interact with your business from the comfort of their home.

    How much does it cost to create a new website?

    It is not possible to calculate the exact cost of a website as it depends largely on the number of pages the website would have. Also, the domain name and hosting solution need to be renewed on yearly basis.

    How important is it for a website to be mobile friendly?

    It is very important for your website to be mobile friendly. With more than 60% of the global internet traffic originating from mobile devices, and with Google giving preference to mobile first indexing, having a mobile friendly website is necessary for your business to grow