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At a time when a paid advertisement has been grabbing headlines, pay-per-click (PPC) has become a popular concept that enables you to pay a fee to have your website on the SERP (search engine result page). In the words of Google, it allows businesses to bid on keywords for ads in Google search results. PPC is one of the ways to reinforce online visibility. For instance, you can start a PPC campaign for the promotion of your bakery shop and trigger purchases. Higher bids will help you outrank more competitors. In other words, ad rank will decide the position of the ad on a SERP. Besides bid management, ad quality and ad extensions (contact number, location, and promotions) are also pondered upon during ad auction. Buoyant PPC campaign strategies can help earn leads that can translate into significant returns on investment. Return on ad spend (ROAS) suggests the revenue generated for every dollar spent on a campaign. The metric measures the efficacy of PPC campaigns and helps online businesses to enhance advertising efforts.

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    We at PanGrow have adopted a two-pronged Google Ads strategy. Conducting a deep dive on competition, demography is one and keyword analysis is the second prong.

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    How Google Ads is used for Creating and Running PPC Campaigns?

    After rebranding in 2018, Google Adwords was renamed Google Ads and there is no prize for guessing that it has become a household name across business verticals. Google Ads, Google’s PPC advertising solution, allows you to pay when someone clicks on your ad to call your company or visit your website. It also provides you the option of promoting your products and services outside of Google search with Google Display Network. Although Google Ads may not enhance your organic ranking, it will play a vital role in showing your ads to customers during the exact time they are looking for the answers. It can boost ROI marketing campaigns and lead flow.

    Types of PPC Campaigns.

    There is a slew of PPC campaigns and the choice may depend upon the target audience. You can perform keyword research, form Google Analytics, create goals, set parameters and choose the type of campaign you will run. It may be a combination of campaign types. Here we elucidate PPC campaigns that are most talked about:

    Search Ads

    They are text ads tagged with the word “ad” and appear at the top and bottom of the Google search results.

    Display Ads

    These ads include images and text and may appear on Google’s partner websites. Ad networks, such as Google Display Network (GDN) are used to purchase display ads.

    Shopping Ads

    Google shopping ads can be used to reap benefits that include a product image, price and description before potential customers click on the website. It has garnered prominence in the e-commerce industry.

    Remarketing Ads

    These can be used to re-engage customers who have visited your website, signed up for the newsletter, read an article or filled out a form.

    Video Ads

    With online videos gaining popularity, video ads have become a promising PPC campaign strategy across channels, such as YouTube.

    Are your Google Ads not performing up to the mark? Hold on! You are at the right place. A robust PPC
    campaign strategy may involve:

    Using Google’s Responsive Search ads

    Avoiding broad keyword terms

    Enhancing quality score

    Using PPC template

    Optimization of the landing page

    Focusing on Retargeting

    Setting ad location

    How can PanGrow help

    Our Google Ads Specialist will help you understand and implement Google Ads from scratch. After understanding your product or service, and figuring out details about your target market, we will design ad campaigns and ad copies to present all features and benefits of your offerings. We will work within your budget with the aim to achieve the highest ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) possible. Our approach would include:

    Keyword Research and selection for ads

    Support in budget finalization

    Maintenance and upkeep of Google Ad campaigns

    Ad Campaign and copy design

    Competitor analysis within the advertising space

    Support in finalizing a bidding strategy

    Audience targeting as per business offering

    Think Google Ads would be a good fit for your business to achieve the desired growth? Talk to one of our GAd specialists and discover more. Fill out the form below or send us an email at [email protected]

    FAQs related to Google Ads PPC Campaigns

    How can Google Ads benefit my business?

    Google Ads lets you appears at the top of SERP pages, even above the high ranking pages. This helps drive more website traffic and conversions. In Parallel, display and remarketing ads are placed on network websites and can be programmed to follow your website visitors to the subsequent website pages they visit.

    What are the 3 principles of Google Ads?

    Google Ads run on 3 essential principals: Relevance, Control, and Results

    What are the levels of Google Ads?

    Google Ads are organized into 3 levels: Account, Campaign and Ad Group