When to Post on Instagram to Get Maximum ROI?

by | Sep 21, 2023

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Instagram is one of the most desirable platforms to grab the attention you need. The competition on social media is very high and there are a lot of factors one needs to keep in mind before posting any content. When to post on Instagram to get maximum returns or engagement is a much-debated question on social media. Getting the best Instagram engagement depends on the industry you’re creating content for and the demographics of your audience.

Additionally, it may take some trial and error to find an Instagram content strategy that works. Creating content takes a lot of effort to design the best images, compelling text, and finding the right hashtags. But imagine what a bummer if it would be if you get mere 10 likes and a bunch of spam comments!

First of all, is there really a best time to post on Instagram?

Instagram’s algorithm ranks posts based on recency, so it’s vital to post when your followers are online. In other words, newer posts will appear higher in your news feed than older ones. Honestly, that is the easiest fix for the engagement deficiency problem. Besides, it’s also important to have clear objectives for your Instagram promotion strategy. Do you have specific goals related to increasing engagement, raising brand awareness, or driving traffic? What does success mean to you, and when did your post previously experience that success? Past earnings are a great guide for scheduling your posts.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Best Time to Post on Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram is Wednesday at 11:00 AM universally.

Instagram users are most likely to engage with your content during lunchtime and weekday work hours. It’s the perfect time to take a break from school or work and do some scrolling.

Weekends tend to be the worst days to post and have poor engagement. We suspect this is because people are in and out of the real world instead of scrolling through Instagram. Here’s a breakdown of the best times to post on Instagram by day of the week. Let’s analyze the data as per each day of the week.

Days of the WeekTimings for Post
Monday11 am to 12 pm
Tuesday9 am to 1 pm
Wednesday10 am to 1 pm
Thursday11 am to 12 pm
Friday9 am to 2 pm
Saturday10 am to 1 pm
Sunday10 am to 4 pm


Monday is the first day of the week, and most instagrammers are eager to kickstart their week by posting interesting content. And the best time to post on a Monday is 12:00 PM. At noon, they check their Instagram feed for a break.


On Tuesdays, 9:00 AM posts have higher reach and visibility. Engagement is also strong in the early morning between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, peaking around 9:00 AM.


The best time to post on Wednesday is 11:00 AM. As mentioned above, Wednesday is also the day accounts or profiles appear to have the highest overall engagement.


12:00 PM is the optimal time to share Instagram posts on a Thursday. The 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM stretch has higher traffic than usual on any weekday.


On Fridays, the best time to post content is 2:00 PM. Friday engagements run from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM, all through the morning and lunch break.


On Saturday a great time to post on Instagram is 9:00 AM. Grab attention before they slip into their weekend schedule!


The best time to post on Instagram on Sunday is 7:00 AM. Sunday engagement is consistent throughout the afternoon and evening. remains constant from noon to 8:00 PM.

Best Time to Post Instagram Reels

Instagram Reel

It is a no-brainer that reels can fetch enormous organic traffic to your page. Compared to standard Instagram videos, Reels can generate up to 300% more interaction. Typically, data shows that from Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM is the best slot to post reels.

Your finest source of information is your Instagram insights and statistics. But not every analytics tool is made equal. Utilizing some social media management tools could save you from performing a lot of data analysis. The Instagram algorithm notices when you have a legitimate connection with your followers, and it ultimately benefits your business.

Strategize Your Instagram Post Timings

Analyze Your Posts

To begin with, first understand whether you want to increase brand awareness or user engagement. Depending on your objectives, you might take a different approach to scheduling your Instagram posts.

Which of your posts from the past received a lot of views? When were they posted? Are these posts distinct from those that receive likes? What can you know about your most engaging content from these statistics?

Your reliable source of info in this case is your Instagram insights and analytics. You can avoid doing a lot of data crunching by using some social media management tools.

Study Audience Activity

For any marketer or social media influencer, it is very crucial to understand the audience. On Instagram, technical geeks have a different way of using Instagram than sports fans or beauty enthusiasts.

Study your analytics effectively to find out when are your followers scrolling through your feeds.

Study Your Competitors

You try out different calculations and studies, depending upon your industry and so do your competitors. You can keep an eye on what’s working for others by engaging in social listening or even a thorough social competitive analysis. Around the hour mark, lots of brands post. By posting a few minutes early, you can avoid the competition.

Automate Your Posts as Per Audience’s Timings

If you have an audience presence globally, it is best to automate your Instagram posts rather than stay up at absurd times. You can ensure that your posts are published on Instagram at the appropriate time every day by using a scheduler.


Understanding your audience behavior is the best way to know what time is right for you to post on instagram. Analyze the insights and the audience to monitor the timings and activities of your followers. Select the optimal time slots that work best for you based on your performance goals.

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