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by | Jan 25, 2024

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YouTube is in a perpetual state of transformation. The era dominated by amusing cat videos and dogs on skateboards has faded into the past. Presently, YouTube has evolved into a significant platform for marketers. There are various expert tips for getting more views on Youtube, which may prove useful for your youtube channel.

effective way to get more views on Youtube

With over 1 billion hours of video watched daily, YouTube surpasses the combined viewership of Netflix and Facebook videos. Here’s a surprising fact: 62 percent of businesses use YouTube to share video content. That’s truly remarkable! This fact is crazy-awesome for you, as YouTube can be an incredibly potent business tool when employed effectively. To enhance your sales, the key is to increase your free YouTube views.

In this blog, we’ll delve into 10 strategies to get more views on YouTube. It will strengthen your brand, and ultimately boost your sales.

Tips for Getting more Views on Youtube

Let’s know about each method to help your YouTube channel grow and get more viewers. Whether you’re new or want to see more people watching, these tips will work for everyone.

Create persuasive content

Implementing various tactics can help attract viewers and boost views on your YouTube channel. However, none of these strategies can resolve the issue of lackluster content. The fact is nobody will want to invest their time in content that is not good.

Create persuasive content

Creating compelling content is the key to capturing an audience’s interest and encouraging them to subscribe. This will entice viewers to return for more content repeatedly.

Pro-Tip: Take inspiration from other well-known content creators in your specific niche. What do you relish the most about their content, and what you would have done differently? Use the answers to assist you in figuring out the kind of videos you want to create.

Make use of keywords in descriptions, headlines, and tags

Thousands of YouTube videos are uploaded every single day. To ensure your videos reach the intended audience, include pertinent keywords in the headline, description, and tags of your content.

Make use of keywords in descriptions, headlines, and tags.

There exist free tools including Google Keyword Planner that can be accessed from the dashboard of Google Ads. You need not have to run ads to use it. All you are required to have is a Google account.

Pro-Tip: One of the most convenient ways to look for the right keywords without the use of any tools is to mention the topic of content in the search bar of YouTube. Make use of autosuggest to find phrases and words that can be incorporated into your content.

Use hashtags

You can use keywords for creating hashtags and incorporate them in the titles and descriptions of your videos. The content of the video may also give idea inspiration for a hashtag. For instance, if you interviewed a well-known guest on your channel, the name of the guest can be used as a hashtag. It can help in attracting their fans to your video.

Use hashtags

Pro-Tip: Take inspiration from other YouTubers in the same niche to see what hashtags they use. You can find the relevant ones for your content.

Customize the thumbnails

The thumbnails of videos serve as the content’s first impression to the audience. To grab the attention of viewers, you need to create an eye-catching and unique thumbnail. It will coerce them to click on your video.

Thumbnails that usually stand out include a blend of the following parameters:

Customize the thumbnails

Pro-Tip: For YouTube videos free tools including the Canvas YouTube thumbnail tool can be used.

Post regularly

Consistency is crucial while attracting probable subscribers to your channel. When you post consistently and frequently you can gain credibility among your audience. For this, try posting a new video every fortnight and in due course work it to once or twice per week.

Post regularly

Pro-Tip: You can use YouTube Analytics to track the days and times when your audience interacts the most with your content. Thus you can increase the youtube views.

Promote YouTube channel on social media platforms

You can upload exceptional content, have a flawless thumbnail, and use all the relevant keywords and hashtags. However, if you do not promote it on social media, you are losing out on a possibly huge audience.

Promote YouTube channel on social media platforms

Pro-Tip: Use social media to connect with content creators and prominent people in your niche. This will assist you in finding online communities that match your niche and help present your channel to the correct audience.

Promote your channel on forums

Online forums including Reddit are apt places for promoting your channel.

Pro-Tip: Become an active contributor at such forums even when you do not have any new content for promotion. Doing this will add value to the conversation and show that you are trying to be supportive.

Build a community

Use your channel to establish yourself as a convincing voice in your niche and to create a space for people who share similar interests. The most efficient and free way to do this is to engage with your audience. Reply to their comments by sharing additional valuable information.


Pro-Tip: If you have 500+ subscribers, you can use the “Community” feature of YouTube. This allows creators to engage with the audience through polls, status updates, and GIFs.

Run a contest

Running a contest is an excellent way to appeal to new subscribers. But you need to make sure that the contest attracts people who are interested genuinely in your niche and not just subscribing for the prize. For this, ensure that the prize is associated with your topic.

run contest

Pro-Tip: Promote your contest on other social media platforms and online forums.

Cross-promote your videos

You can promote a video over different other videos on your platform with the help of the ‘cards’ feature. You need to post a small icon at a corner of your video that provides a link to a different video or playlist.

Pro-Tip: Another method for cross-promoting your videos is to incorporate an end screen with clickable links in a video.


Successfully promoting a YouTube channel without incurring costs involves a multifaceted approach aimed at attracting and engaging viewers. The cornerstone lies in crafting compelling content that not only captivates but also encourages audience retention. Integration of pertinent keywords into descriptions, headlines, and tags optimizes visibility within search results. Also, the strategic use of hashtags aids in drawing viewers and connecting with specific communities.

By methodically implementing these cost-free tips for getting more views on Youtube and perpetually refining the channel, content creators can achieve increased views, gain subscribers, and ultimately build a thriving online presence.

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