9 Simple Steps to Utilize Instagram Insights

by | Sep 27, 2023

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Instagram Insights is a crucial Instagram feature that enables Business Account users to monitor Instagram analytics for business accounts related to their profiles and posts. Identify what your audience likes and engages with the most to improve your Instagram strategy with the help of this data. Instagram Insights illustrates the engagement analytics for Instagram that aid in empowering users to enhance their Instagram for Business strategy. With the help of these insights, a user no longer needs to guess what works for their audience. Further, users can earn more followers, get more likes, and expand their profiles significantly.

Why Instagram Insights?

Instagram analytics

Instagram Insights enables users to gain access to vital user engagement information for their business profiles. It is not just enough to get to know raw numbers, including the count of likes for a certain post. Therefore, it is crucial crucial to understand the audience too, this is where Insights comes into the picture. It tells users what their audience prefers, who they are, and how they do things. The users can make business decisions based on this data.

Data and Instagram analytics reporting assist the users in tracking the impact of their marketing efforts throughout various channels to check if there is something a user needs to do differently including targeting a different target audience, posting at a specific time of day, or experimenting with a new format of content. Social media is not any different from various other marketing aspects in the sense that the aspect can be tracked and improved upon. Hence, a user can create a more efficient strategy leveraging Instagram Insights.

Create a Profile Easily

Instagram business profile

To access Instagram Insights, one first needs to have a business profile. If one is already has a personal account, it can be switched to a business profile easily. Here is how to switch your account in a few easy steps:

  • Open your profile on the Instagram app
  • Access the Settings option
  • Click ‘Account’
  • Tap ‘Switch to Professional Account.’
  • Select the category and tap ‘Done.’
  • Switch to a Business account (optional)
  • Connect to your Facebook page (optional)

How to Use Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is an exceptional tool, but it can be difficult to decide what to do once access is gained. Below are a few of the most resourceful ways you can use Insights to grow your profile on Instagram. 

Measuring the Reach

Firstly, tap on the Accounts Reached option. Reach indicates the number of unique users that have viewed any of your posts on Instagram. In this category, you can track insights for:

  • Top Posts: Posts that have generated the highest reach.
  • Top Stories: The stories that have generated the highest reach.
  • Top IGTV Videos: IGTV videos that have generated the highest reach.
  • Impressions: The number of times your posts have been seen
  • Profile Activity: Website taps, profile visits, and other activities.

Tracking Followers and Profile Visits

Profile Visits denote the number of times a profile has been visited by the audience. By doing this efficiently, you can monitor Profile Visits on the Accounts Reached page, under Account Activity. Check how many profile visitors convert to followers by dividing the number of followers by the number of profile visitors. Moreover, this number can be tracked over time to figure out whether the conversion rate is increasing or declining.

Control Website Clicks

Website Taps can be accessed in Accounts Reached under Profile Activity. This insight signifies the number of times the links included in a business profile are clicked.

Track Content Interactions

Go directly back to Insights Insights Overview and then tap Accounts Engaged. It leads to a page that depicts how your content performs in terms of engagement and content type. The like count speaks for itself, it reflects the number of accounts that liked your post. If any of the numbers of likes, comments, saves, and shares are low, it is vital to re-evaluate your Instagram business strategy.

Track Your Followers

Click on Insights Overview and tap on Total Followers. This will land you on the Follower Breakdown page. The overview page shows how many followers you have gained or lost during the past week, and the average time of the day when your followers use Instagram. This data can be beneficial during the planning of posts.

Understand Which Actions Were Taken on Your Post(s)

For viewing insights into a certain Instagram post, visit your profile, click on the desired post, and then click View Insights at the bottom of the image. Under the ‘Profile Activity’ section, you can monitor the number of actions that viewers have taken on your profile after viewing your post, these include profile visits, clicking on a website link, or following your profile.

Check Where Your Post Showed up in Feeds Using Reach

Reach depicts where your post was discovered, including how many users were not already following you. Reach insights also comprise data on a post’s reach reflecting the number of accounts viewing your post.

View Story Insights

Instagram users who have a business profile can view insights into their short-lived Stories. To access this, navigate to Insights and scroll to the section Content You Shared on the Insights Overview page. Scroll down to Stories and you can see insights for previous stories as well.

As a Final Note

In conclusion, analyze the data and understand what works for your audience with Instagram Insights. An open-source tool that makes content analysis easy and efficient. This makes creating content a lot easier. You can utilize the above information to increase engagement and ad performance.

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