Why Video Marketing is Essential for Business Growth in 2023?

by | Sep 22, 2023

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It is very well known that video marketing is one of the most popular trends of this decade. 99% of the people who used video strategy for a marketing plan to continue using it even in the future. 79% of marketers who have not used it have planned on building a fresh video strategy. Be it for educating, generating leads, or converting prospective customers, there is no other strategy as good as video marketing. Each brand needing a video marketing strategy is not new. What is new is how it has become very important over the years on every digital platform or channel.

Video production is now considered to be more cost-effective and easier to accomplish than it ever was earlier. In today’s time, it is no big trouble to shoot a high-quality video with a budget of only 4000 rupees, even with smartphones. However, video marketing for business is still a complicated task when it comes to strategy, equipment, and editing software.

In simpler words, Video Marketing is using videos for the promotion and marketing of your products and services, increasing engagement on social media channels and other digital platforms, educating the consumers and customers, and interacting with your audience through a new medium.

Importance of Video Marketing

video marketing importance

Video marketing officially started with the launch of YouTube in the year 2005. By 2009 YouTube was housing seven different forms of ads after Google bought YouTube in 2006. It became highly popular among marketers when this technology created videos got easier. Here onwards, with expansion in smartphone technology, and the pandemic attack on mankind, boosted online media consumption by as much as 215% alone in the US as watching videos became easier and more convenient. In 2022 it was observed that the audiences were spending 19 hours per week on average on watching and scrolling through videos online. Hence, ignoring this marketing strategy is no longer an option for brands that seek to grow and be recognized.

Boosts Conversion and Sales

sales and conversion

Nearly 31% of marketers use video to boost and improve their SEO. Websites witness a search engine boost after adding videos as it increases the quality of the page and keeps visitors engaged for a longer period. 83% of such markets have stated that video helps their businesses generate leads.

It has had a direct and positive impact on sales. This form of marketing has helped increase user understanding of the service or brand. It has revolutionized the relationship between salespeople with prospects who can be converted. It is hence considered a versatile tool for salespeople.

Great Strategy for Mobile Users

Mobile YouTube marketing

Mobile users are the main driving for the highest percentage of video consumption. According to Statista, 77% of the ones who were a part of the survey use mobile phones to watch online videos. Facebook’s observation shows that people are 1.5x more likely to watch videos on their smartphones than on the computers 

Video Marketing for Educating and Building Trust

Educating YouTube marketing

While 91.9% out of 100% of users generally watch videos of any type, 31.3% engage in watching how-to videos. Yet, 29.8% of the viewers want educational videos to watch. Service teams have endless options like knowledge-based videos, customer stories, onboarding videos, support video calls, meet-the-team videos, and much more.

Video making is within the reach of businesses of any size, even in terms of team and budget. In 2023, your business needs to develop a solid video marketing strategy.

Encourages Social Shares

Encourage social share

Even digital platforms today are changing. Videos are something YouTube and TikTok are known for. At present, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are evolving and changing their focus to videos and reels (short videos). Currently, video is the second most popular type of content for increasing engagement on social media.

Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Before you start posting videos for your business or service, you must plan out a strategy to do so. This process ensures that your videos serve the purpose they are intended to. Your video will be effective if it has a clear plan and a call to action for your viewers.

Keep the below pointers in mind while creating a video:

  • Understand a potential audience.
  • Align a Strategy for your business.
  • Manage time and money.
  • Broadcast your business on the right platform.
  • Choose the right message.
  • Analyze and track the numbers.

Virtually every size firm may use video, regardless of team size or financial constraints. The data is unambiguous. If you want to see success with your business, you need a solid video marketing strategy.


To put it simply, using videos to promote and market things is super important nowadays. Lots of people are using it, and many more plan to start using it because it works really well for things like teaching, getting new customers, and showing up in online searches. It’s not too expensive or hard to make videos anymore, and it can help all kinds of businesses, big or small. Basically, if you want your brand to do well in today’s digital world, you can’t ignore video marketing because it’s the way things are going.

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