Top 10 Web Chat Tools to Consider in 2024

by | Jan 2, 2024

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Web chat tools are used for communication on websites that allows visitors, leads, and customers to talk to the website handler in real time. For instance, chat conversation may guide the users to a blog post, a sales representative’s contact, social media posts, knowledge-based articles, or even how-to videos. 

Generally, the web chat tool windows pop up overlaying the browser of the website page, allowing users to directly chat, and attach images and other files as well.

Web Chat Tools Live Chat and Chatbots

web chat tools

Live chat and chatbots fall under the web chat umbrella. It basically engages in human-to-human interactions, which means a sales representative speaking directly with the visitor. Whereas chatbot manages real-time interactions without the help of any representative on the website itself. It successfully interprets the visitor’s needs and guides them toward the solution, while providing basic support and answering FAQs.

Its accessibility and simplicity make web chat an excellent form of customer service that requires downloading or installing any special software as it takes place directly within the browser.

Both live/online chatbots web chat tools have the power to nurture leads, obtain information about the audience and effectively tailor content and campaigns to them. It also allows the salespeople to directly engage with prospects in real-time. Additionally, it provides customer service representatives with the ability to immediately respond to questions and resolve them respectively.

Looking at it from the user’s point of view, web chat tools help individuals to seek solutions without much wait. While some receive immediate solutions, others are guided with a step-by-step procedure toward the solution, leading to the final help from the assigned executive himself. Using a single platform, several solutions can be addressed without any hassle.

Web Chat Tools in 2024

Web chat tools allow customers to directly communicate with brands, often through their websites. From answering questions, supporting challenges that arise, and resolving issues, to directing users to specific solutions, web chat is a highly useful tool in forming customer and business relations.

Let’s explore a few top web chat tools in 2024:

Live Chat Tool

Live Chat helps create a chat widget that is customized in order to capture new leads and on-site engagement with customers and prospects through web chat.

LiveChat Key Features:

  • Bots speed up the response time by sending automated greetings and customized pre-chat surveys that help qualify leads before talking to a representative directly.
  • The ticketing system tracks and saves the conversations, ensuring ways to refer to and share conversations when required.
Live Agent Tool

LiveAgent permits the company’s sales and customer service teams to work through several channels while chatting with the customers.

LiveAgent Key Features:

  • Chats adapt to representatives’ availability and re-route conversations to the right reps to ensure the right help.
  • Helps keep track of lead behavior by keeping all chats, emails, calls, and social media mentions in LiveAgent’s universal inbox.
Hubspot Tool

Its Free Live Chat Software helps create an easy and customized on-brand chatbot that connects with website visitors and starts talking in real-time.

HubSpot Key Features:

  • Sends welcome messages to engaged site visitors leading to a great start for beginning a conversation.
  • Chatbots personalize the conversations by gathering various information about each contact.
free chat tools 2024

It is a live chat popup tool that brings all the popular messaging platforms under one roof, making customer interactions available in one place.

FreeChat Key Features:

  • No coding is required for installation or setup.
  • Offers customizable design options that match brand and website integration.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
Zoho Desk tools for 2024

It is an embeddable chat widget that lets businesses engage with their contact regardless of wherever they are.

ZohoDesk Key Features:

  • Customized chatbots engaging with visitors, answering qualified questions, and adding them to CRM.
  • It transfers prospects to the right sales representative.
  • Click to call within the live chat window available here.

Intercom provides conversational support, engagement, and marketing solutions.

Intercom Key Features:

  • All communication is stored in one team inbox.
  • Based on visitor data, create custom messages and segment them into sets of audiences
Mobile Monkey

It connects with customers through web chats, SMS, Instagram, or Messenger.

MobileMonkey Key Feature:

  • Unified chat inbox for all customer conversations in one location
  • Maximize reach and pop chat widgets using a multi-platform builder.
fresh work

It permits communication with customers via chat on various social media messengers, web, and mobile.

Freshworks Key Features:

  • Tracks page visits and understands visitor’s intent.
  • Helps gather visitor’s information to qualify leads.
Help crunch

It is a web chat app for customized sales and customer service to match website branding.

HelpCrunch Key Features:

  • Creates automated email follow-ups when chats end.
  • Representatives can engage in five separate conversations at the same time from one tool.
Drift logo

It is a superior-quality AI chatbot that helps target and communicate with the right leads based on their history.

Drift Key Features:

  • Continues the conversation with chat-to-call or chat-to-zoom.
  • Prioritizes accounts automatically to focus on qualified leads.


Web chat tools have become essential for businesses in 2024. They provide a convenient and efficient way for customers to communicate with brands, seek solutions, and receive support. These tools, such as Live Chat, LiveAgent, HubSpot Live Chat, Freechat, Zoho Desk, Intercom, Mobile Monkey, Freshworks, HelpCrunch, and Drift, offer a range of features that enhance customer engagement and streamline communication processes.

From automated greetings and personalized conversations to tracking customer behavior and managing multiple conversations simultaneously, these web chat tools are empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and build strong customer relationships. As technology continues to advance, web chat tools will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of customer communication and support.

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