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by | Nov 10, 2023

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The festive season brings an abundance of holidays, family gatherings, and pure joy. This widespread celebratory atmosphere provides ample reason for people to indulge in delectable food and exciting shopping sprees. It’s a well-known fact that during festivities, individuals are more willing to spend extravagantly compared to their usual days.

The festival of Diwali, cherished by millions worldwide, transcends mere lamp-lighting and sweet indulgence. It stands as a symbol of hope, a celebration of prosperity, and a moment for rekindling connections. For your business, it presents a remarkable opportunity to illuminate the hearts of your audience.

As the upcoming festive season draws near, astute marketers and brands are preparing to embrace the essence of Diwali.

In this blog, we will explore the ingenious marketing strategies and spotlight the brands that shone brightly during Diwali.

Marketing Examples that made an Impact

What truly distinguished this year’s Diwali was a profound sense of togetherness. After two years of conveying wishes through phone calls and messages, coming together and celebrating in person added a deeper sense of fulfillment and significance to the festivities.

Brands also embraced this ‘togetherness’ theme of Diwali in their campaigns, infusing the spirit of the celebrations with genuine passion and heartfelt commitment.

Below are the standout campaigns that resonated and left a lasting impression this year:

 CaratLane: #MereStyleKiDiwali

CaratLane, India’s popular jewelry brand that operates both online and offline, introduced a digital video called “Mere Style Ki Diwali” for Diwali in 2022. They launched the first of four videos as part of the campaign. The goal was to demonstrate that while jewelry is significant in close relationships, each person has their own way of celebrating Diwali and respecting its traditions.

diwali marketing stories

Whether it was giving a special gift to family or friends, or treating oneself to mark personal achievements, CaratLane aims to provide designs and solutions that cater to customers’ needs. The brand also emphasized its quick delivery service of 24-48 hours and a 15-day exchange policy through these digital videos.

HP: #Thodisijagahbanalo

In celebration of the festive spirit of Diwali, HP India launched a short film titled “Thodi Si Jagah Bana Lo” in 2022. The film, released under the hashtag #ThodiSiJagahBanaLo, paid homage to Indian artisans.

advertise for diwali

The campaign film revealed touching moments of compassion and generosity, all aimed at supporting traditional artisans and local businesses. It served as a powerful reminder of the enduring importance of these local artisans, highlighting their remarkable resilience over the years.

Cadbury Celebrations: #ShopforShopless

Cadbury Celebrations launched a campaign to empower street hawkers who had no permanent shops. A short ad film released as part of the #ShopsForShopless campaign appeared to have resonated with viewers, garnering more than 18 million views on YouTube in less than a fortnight.

brands doing for Diwali

During 2022, Cadbury Celebrations opened virtual #ShopsforShopless, where consumers could find hawkers near them with just a click.

Sabhyata: #RedefiningCelebration

Sabhyata, an Indian ethnic wear brand, unveiled their Diwali campaign #RedefiningCelebration. It sparked diverse opinions on the internet, as the narrative centered around a young woman navigating her first pregnancy while seeking employment.

best diwali campaigns

While the campaign received acclaim, it also spurred engaging discussions among viewers.

Coco Cola: #MilkehiManegiDiwali

To kickstart the festive excitement in India, Coca-Cola launched a new campaign called #MilkeHiManegiDiwali in 2022. The campaign encourages people not only to send greetings but to meet up with their friends and family during the festive season.

marketing campaigns for diwali

This campaign was promoted extensively on TV and online platforms to reach as many people as possible. Coca-Cola also introduced a unique technology-driven product as part of the campaign. This special product aimed to bring people closer together, much like the enchanting bottles shown in the commercial.

OPPO: #InspirationAhead

OPPO, a top global smart device brand, unveiled its Diwali Campaign aligning with their motto, #InspirationAhead. The uplifting brand video highlights individuals who take unique approaches to instigate change.

Diwali Campaign

With the central theme of #InspirationAhead, the video conveys the idea that unconventional thinking can lead to innovative solutions. The closing message, ‘be the light that inspires’, resonates throughout the film, encouraging others to reconsider their perspectives.

Tanishq: #PehliDiwali

Tanishq, a well known trusted jewelry brand in India, introduced its highly anticipated Diwali campaign, ‘Pehli Diwali’, to mark the beginning of the festive season. The film paid tribute to every Indian woman as she celebrates her significant ‘Firsts’ in the journey of self-reinvention, making it a truly deserving occasion for a ‘Pehli Diwali’ celebration. This festive campaign highlighted the positivity that stirs emotions linked with each initial experience.

diwali marketing

Staying faithful to its narrative, Tanishq’s series of festive films, ‘Pehli Diwali’, envisioned by Lowe Lintas, captures the essence of those invigorating moments. The film encapsulated some of the invaluable instances that serve as reminders of our personal and professional growth journeys, moments that genuinely warrant a celebration.

JK Cement Ltd.: #TohfaSurakshaKa

Guided by their enduring values of Courage, Determination, and Responsibility, JK Super Cement has played a pioneering role in reshaping the perception of building structures. Aligned with their brand vision and corporate commitment, JK Super Cement has launched a Diwali campaign called #TohfaSurakshaKa.

Diwali marketing campaign

The #TohfaSurakshaKa campaign is focused on enhancing traffic management and ensuring the safety of traffic officers. It also aims to express sincere appreciation to all the uniformed heroes who contribute to maintaining order and safety on the roads. Leading up to Diwali, the brand took the initiative to set up 200 traffic police booths across six states.

Shoppers Stop: #NayiDiwaliNayiSoch

Shoppers Stop, the leading Omni-Channel retail chain, introduced their Diwali campaign, “Nayi Diwali Nayi Soch,” featuring celebrities Yami Gautam and Dhairya Karwa. Diwali is a deeply emotional festival. It’s that special time of the year when giving gifts is not just a gesture, but a way to convey our feelings. Beyond illuminating spaces, the Festival of Lights is also about treasuring our dear ones by surprising them with considerate presents.

Diwali marketing campaigns

Shoppers Stop’s ‘Nayi Diwali Nayi Soch’ campaign highlights the progressive aspect of modern Indian families, who hold onto traditional values while embracing a forward-thinking outlook. The campaign shares four short stories that further illustrate how families in today’s world are evolving by adopting more open-minded approaches to strengthen their connections, with the act of gifting at the heart of these meaningful interactions.


The Diwali marketing campaigns showcased in above stand as shining examples of redefined customer experiences. Each campaign demonstrated a profound understanding of consumer sentiments, leveraging creativity and innovation to forge deeper connections. From personalized strategies to inclusive messaging, these stories set new benchmarks for customer-centric marketing. 

As the festivities fade, the lessons from these successes will continue to inspire marketers in their pursuit of creating memorable and meaningful interactions with their audiences. During Diwali, the brands not only celebrated a festival but also heralded a new era in customer engagement, leaving a lasting imprint in the world of marketing.

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