How to Become an Amazon Affiliate and Build a Performance Marketing Career?

by | Sep 27, 2023

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Amazon Associate is an affiliate marketing program that permits individuals to generate links. When customers click through the links to purchase products from Amazon, these individuals obtain up to a 1-20% referral fee.  The main objective is to elevate products and ensure profit in return. There has been a huge surge in the number of people who intend to seek opportunities in the Amazon affiliate marketing program. One can earn monetary benefits and avail great benefits from this program.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

The process of signing up as an Amazon Associate is straightforward. Before signing, it is important to possess an application, website, or YouTube channel. For marketing products, Amazon will effectively evaluate these channels. To become a part of Amazon’s Associates Affiliate Program, it is essential to understand the following rules and requirements:

amazon affiliate program

Clear Statement of Being an Amazon Associate

Individuals or marketers aspiring to be a part of the program need to provide a clear statement publicly. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) supervises this program extensively. Affiliate marketers must disclose their relationship with the retailer. This should be easy to read, and clear to everyone.

Requirement of Three Sales in First Six Months

To become an Amazon affiliate, marketers must initiate a continuous traffic flow to respective websites. This seems to be challenging, but the usage of affiliate links is strictly prohibited from placing orders. If this is not followed, it tends to violate the terms and conditions of Amazon, ultimately resulting in a suspended account.

Ignore Hiding Amazon Affiliate Links

The aspect of disguising links is highly prohibited by Amazon since the organization is focused on maintaining transparency. Hence, marketers should avoid being dependent on URL-shortening services. Besides, if a third-party plugin is utilized for the automatic installation of respective affiliate links, then it is recommended to deactivate cloaking in settings.

Keep Away from Mentioning Product Prices

There is no provision for mentioning price details for promotional products on Amazon. This is because prices often tend to fluctuate, and stating incorrect information is not the objective of Amazon. Instead, a call to action (CTA) can be provided stating “Check on Amazon now” as this encourages visitors to click on the link. On the other hand, the Amazon Associates API can be utilized for making automated adjustments in the product price once it is modified on Amazon in real time.

Steps to Become a Successful Amazon Associate

Having discussed the program guidelines, let us investigate the below steps to sign up for the Amazon Associate Affiliate Program.

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Select Your Niche

Individuals or marketers need to identify an appropriate niche based on an interesting topic. The topic can range from interior design to beauty products, or sports activities. Overall, the topic should be such that premium quality content can be created for the chosen niche.

Create a Blog

Developing a blog can help marketers to create a name, and assist in becoming a powerful figure in their respective niche. To become a successful Amazon affiliate marketer, blogs should comprise detailed product evaluations and necessary information. The steps to create a blog include.

  • Choosing a domain name that tends to create a long-term impression on visitors. The cost for registering a domain name ranges between an annual fee of USD 5-10
  • A hosting server is required to accommodate the data of all blogs. The cost is usually between USD 2-3 every month which can increase based on the provider
  • Selecting a theme for the blog motivates visitors to linger on a particular page for a long time. Hence, templates and themes should be chosen with a layout design that is appealing to visitors

Start Posting Content

With some engaging content for a potential audience, the blog is all set to be launched. The quality of the content should be such that it is enough to engage the audience and build a long-lasting follow-up for a blog. Blogs can be created in the form of news articles or reviews with well-written material to create potential customers.

Sign Up as an Amazon Associate

Following are the steps to sign up as an Amazon Associate.

  • Visit the homepage of the Amazon Associate affiliate program, and click on the “Sign up” button
  • On clicking the sign-up button, the sign-in page will be displayed wherein Amazon login information needs to be entered. Marketers who do not have Amazon accounts are required to click on “Create your Amazon account”
  • Then details like name, email address, and password are to be provided after which an OTP will be sent to the registered email address
  • After this, log in to the Amazon account using the registered email address
  • Before this, the remaining information needs to be provided
  • On clicking the “Next” button, the URL of the website must be entered
  • Then the store ID is required to be entered, the purpose of the blog is to be mentioned, and topics need to be selected that best describe the blog
  • After that, a particular method needs to be selected to drive traffic and generate income
  • Then on the “Identity Verification” page, marketers need to provide their phone number on a “Call Me Now” button. Doing so, a 4-digit PIN will be provided, and on entering the code, the application will finally be submitted
  • On completion of the application, tax and payment information will be requested which can be dealt with later. Finally, Associates Central will permit creation of affiliate links

Therefore, all the guidelines and the sign-up steps are required to be readily followed to become a successful Amazon Associate in affiliate marketing. In short, Amazon Associates is one of the most approved affiliate programs globally.


The essentials to become an associate include a mobile application or website, and a presence on social media. Bloggers, content creators or publishers, anyone can participate with just a mobile application. On receiving the necessary information and approval from Amazon, marketers are ready to go!

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