Fevicol’s Everlasting Impact: Crafting Unforgettable Advertisements Over Decades

by | Nov 20, 2023

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In the advertising landscape, Fevicol has emerged as a truly iconic brand, achieving a status that few others can match. Recognized for its high-quality adhesive products, Fevicol, a brand within the Pidilite Industries portfolio, has effectively captured the affection and loyalty of consumers throughout India. This case study examines the advertising strategy implemented in the ‘Stuck By Fevicol’ marketing campaign, a pivotal effort that played a crucial role in establishing Fevicol as the foremost brand for adhesive solutions.

Balvant Parekh and his brother Sushil Parekh started a trading business. In 1959, they saw a chance to create a better glue that was synthetic and easy to use, instead of the old glues made from animal fat. This idea led to the birth of Fevicol under the Pidilite Industries company.

In today’s blog, we will learn more about Fevicol’s journey and its successful advertisements that are still afresh in everyone’s mind.

Early Days of Fevicol

When Fevicol first started, it had tough competition from local white glue makers and big international brands like Movicol (which is now discontinued). These competitors sold their products in hardware stores and timber marts. But Fevicol took a different approach – they went directly to carpenters. This turned out to be a really successful strategy.

fevicol marketing strategy

Pidilite, the company behind Fevicol, faced the challenge of convincing carpenters to choose Fevicol over other adhesives. They focused on directly marketing to carpenters because they are the ones who decide which adhesive to use.

Evolution of Advertisements

Fevicol has always stood out with its unique and daring marketing strategies. The brand is famous for its creative and quirky approach to marketing and communication. They’ve gone above and beyond to connect with customers through various platforms, aiming to educate and raise awareness.

fevicol marketing concept

In 1997, Fevicol made a splash with its first TV ad, ‘Dum laga ke haisha,’ featuring the renowned filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. This marked just the beginning of their creative journey. While their early ads focused on the practical aspects of the product, they later evolved to incorporate humor, real-life scenarios, and relatable references.

Fevicol’s advertising has given us some unforgettable and iconic moments with ads like ‘Egg,’ ‘Vagabond,’ ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha,’ ‘Moochwali,’ ‘Bus,’ and ‘Train‘ spots. Beyond ads, Fevicol’s engagement initiatives, such as the Free Store, Fevicol Room at Lalbaugcha Raja, Kumbh Mela activity, and Fevicol Runners at the Mumbai Marathon, have been memorable for their unique and distinctive approach.

Outcomes of Fevicol Ad Campaigns

Strengthening Brand Presence: Fevicol’s primary objective was to fortify its standing as the leading and dependable adhesive brand in India.

Marketing Strategy of Fevicol

Promoting Product Understanding: The campaign focused on enlightening consumers about the diverse range of Fevicol products, highlighting their distinctive features and practical applications.

Building Emotional Bonds: The strategy aimed to forge an emotional connection with the audience by demonstrating how Fevicol’s adhesives could effectively address real-life challenges.

Challenges Faced by Fevicol

Even though Fevicol held a dominant position in the market, it encountered challenges in specific key regions. Local competitors had entered markets like Mumbai, Ambala, and Patiala with less effective adhesives, but they managed to lure contractors and dealers with substantial incentives.

Fevicol faced a dual challenge. Despite building a strong brand based on consumer preference, many homeowners remained oblivious to the actual adhesive being used. This lack of awareness, coupled with the incentive-driven behavior of contractors, posed a gradual threat to Fevicol’s market share.

Advertisement Strategies Across Multimedia Channels

Fevicol has masterfully employed diverse advertisement strategies across multimedia channels to establish an enduring brand presence. Through whimsical television commercials, the brand crafts memorable narratives, portraying scenarios where individuals comically grapple with the absence of Fevicol’s adhesive prowess. This laughter-inducing approach resonates with audiences, ensuring a lasting impact. Leveraging print and outdoor media, Fevicol integrates captivating slogans and visuals, broadening its reach and enhancing campaign recall.

In the digital world, the brand fosters engagement through social media interactions, contests, and DIY tips, cultivating a vibrant online community. Collaborating with influencers in carpentry, art, and design further solidifies Fevicol’s authenticity and utility, reinforcing its status as a trusted adhesive companion across creative endeavors.

Television Commercials

Fevicol embarked on an innovative marketing strategy by creating a series of television commercials that depicted comical situations where individuals found themselves hilariously ‘stuck’ without the reliable grip of Fevicol. These ads not only brought a sense of humor to the brand but also left a lasting impression on viewers, making them memorable and shareable.

Print and Outdoor Media

To maximize the campaign’s impact, Fevicol extended its reach through print advertisements and outdoor media. Incorporating eye-catching slogans and visuals, the brand ensured that the campaign’s message resonated with a broader audience. The strategic placement of these materials in key locations further amplified the visibility and recall value of the campaign.

Digital Presence

In an era dominated by digital communication, Fevicol recognized the significance of establishing a robust online presence. The brand actively engaged with its audience on various social media platforms, organizing contests, sharing do-it-yourself (DIY) tips, and promptly responding to customer inquiries. This approach not only strengthened the brand’s connection with consumers but also fostered a vibrant online community around Fevicol.

Engaging Influencers

To add authenticity and practicality to its marketing efforts, Fevicol strategically partnered with influencers from diverse fields, including carpentry, art, and interior design. These influencers showcased the practical application of Fevicol products in their respective domains, lending credibility to the brand and demonstrating real-world utility. This collaboration not only expanded Fevicol’s reach but also positioned it as a trusted and essential companion in various creative endeavors.

Most Memorable Ads by Fevicol

Fevicol’s ads are known for their simplicity and relatability, making everyday situations funny and memorable. Here are some standout campaigns:

fevicol ad campaign
  • Egg“: The chef struggles to crack an egg, only to find out it’s super strong because the hen ate Fevicol. It cleverly showcases Fevicol’s strength in a humorously.
  • Bus“: Set in Rajasthan, this ad features people in a crowded bus in funny positions, held together by Fevicol. It’s exaggerated but amusing, revealing the adhesive’s role in an unexpectedly.
  • Mooch“: This ad tells the humorous story of a woman whose fake mustache, applied with Fevicol for a play, never comes off. It’s entertaining and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Todo nahi jodo“: Set at Wagah Border, this ad beautifully illustrates the power of unity. Indian and Pakistani soldiers bond, sending a poignant message of connection and understanding.
  • Sofa“: Celebrating 60 years of Fevicol, this ad traces a sofa’s journey through generations, showcasing Indian traditions. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the brand’s longevity and cultural significance.
fevicol ad
  • Mazboot jod ka mazboot reminder“: Released during the pandemic, this ad cleverly reminds people about social distancing by showing chairs that don’t move. It effectively encourages following safety guidelines.

Fevicol’s marketing thrives on humor, creativity, and diverse ways of connecting with people.

Key Takeways

Fevicol’s enduring presence in marketing underscores the potency of well-crafted and sincere content. Throughout its marketing journey, the brand’s adept understanding of its target audience has been a key driver of success, evident in their product design and consumer-focused approach. The timeless appeal of Fevicol’s iconic ads offers valuable inspiration for contemporary marketers, particularly those venturing into video content.

Fevicol’s marketing strategy exemplifies the transformative potential of presenting even the most unassuming products in an exciting and innovative manner, urging marketers to think beyond conventional boundaries. Beyond product sales, Fevicol’s marketing has transcended into a platform for conveying impactful social messages, as seen in campaigns like “Todo Nahi Jodo” and the coronavirus reminder, showcasing the brand’s commitment to making a broader positive impact on its audience.

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