Deciphering Dunzo’s Social Media Marketing Game Plan

by | Oct 10, 2023

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In the era where all of us are glued to our phones and social media, it is a great opportunity to leverage the platform for marketing. Digital marketing has provided that opportunity. Companies that have crafted effective social media marketing strategies and management stay on top. 

Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery startup has become an amazing example of how to grow with an effective social media marketing strategy. In today’s blog, we will understand Dunzo’s marketing strategies and social media plan that worked well. Let’s find out what sets them apart from the rest.


Dunzo is a fast delivery platform for getting your groceries, food, medicines, and pet supplies right to your door in India. It also has a division involved in picking up and dropping off packages in the same city. Right now, they’re in a few metro cities, however, they started in Bengaluru where they also have special services like Dunzo Daily.

Other delivery companies doing similar things in India, like BlinkIt, Big Basket, Jio Mart, and Spencers. Dunzo was founded by Kabeer Biswas in the year 2014. It was initially a WhatsApp service that later became a delivery platform. Leveraging the social media boom, Dunzo attracted customers with its high-speed delivery of diverse products. 

So, why should you choose Dunzo? Well, they’ve got some tricks up their sleeves which we will go through in detail.

Dunzo’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

Dunzo is exceptionally creative when it comes to its marketing strategies. Apart from understanding its target audience, Dunzo is consistent with posts and memes that are appealing and attention-grabbing. Its videos and posts have great visual appeal and amazing infographics. A few unique social media marketing strategies that Dunzo employs are:

Bollywood for the Fun Element

Dunzo smartly leverages the Bollywood obsession shared by Millennials and Gen-Z to shape its marketing strategy. By incorporating popular dialogue phrases and references, the brand infuses a lively Bollywood charm into its approach. This not only injects a playful vibe into their marketing but also establishes a strong connection with something their audience already knows and loves.

dunzo marketing strategy

This is how Dunzo connects to its audience in a very personal way and makes its marketing campaigns work. Be it Shahrukh Khan or Baburao ka style, Dunzo seems to curate some attention-grabbing posts with them.

Trend based Marketing

Moment marketing is a clever strategy where a brand crafts its marketing messages or ads by capitalizing on current events or trends. Dunzo excels at the moment marketing. The brand skillfully selects topics that resonate with customers and then tailors its marketing message accordingly.

What sets Dunzo apart is its responsiveness. The brand swiftly creates advertising and marketing materials based on recent events, not only within the nation but across the globe. This dynamic approach keeps Dunzo’s campaigns fresh and engaging.

social media advertising

Humor-some Series

In marketing campaigns, it’s not enough for a brand to simply repeat its name. It must provide value that captures the customer’s interest. Additionally, marketers should connect with the audience through easily digestible content. 

Dunzo is adept at effectively engaging its target audience by following these principles. It picks up humorous ways to catch the attention of its consumers.

social media marketing plan

In this manner, it drives the audience to its brand.

Hyper Local Communication

Hyperlocal communication entails engaging local staff and crafting marketing messages in a playful and personalized manner for local audiences. It involves tailoring messages to resonate with specific niche customers by connecting with them in their unique local style. This approach establishes deeper connections with customers on a more meaningful level.

dunzo marketing

To implement this strategy, they need to conduct extensive research on customers residing in various cities, including understanding their local languages, shopping preferences, and habits. For instance, in a recent advertisement for a local supermarket, Dunzo effectively utilized the local language to engage with its customers.

Memes for the Millennials

In the domain of marketing, where there’s a meme, there’s a pathway to brand promotion. Memes hold a special place in the hearts of Millennials. As the brand leverages social media platforms for its promotion, meme marketing emerges as a favored strategy to captivate the target audience.

Dunzo adeptly seizes upon trending topics, transforming them into engaging memes. Their mastery isn’t limited to the image alone; they infuse clever captions, amplifying the fun factor.


A powerful avenue for crafting effective digital marketing campaigns involves transforming them into collaborations. These partnerships not only bolster the success of marketing initiatives but also instill trust in customers regarding your brand’s credibility. Dunzo has demonstrated its prowess in forming strategic alliances, leveraging them to promote itself consistently.

One notable instance of Dunzo’s fruitful collaboration was its association with LazyPay, serving as its trusted payment partner. Additionally, Dunzo has some successful partnerships with industry giants like BigBasket, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Hershey India, and Britannia. Whether it’s established household names or local gems, Dunzo strategically targets buyers based on their specific interests and preferences.

Twitter Marketing

Marketing shouldn’t be a monologue; it’s a dialogue between your brand and its customers. Dunzo maintains this dynamic exchange through the Twitter platform. This is where customers can tweet Dunzo with their queries or concerns and receive a prompt response from the brand.

Dunzo’s team responds with tailor-made messages to the concerns of its customers.

Key Takeaways

The standout lesson from Dunzo’s marketing approach is crystal clear: Embrace creativity.

In every facet of its marketing campaigns, Dunzo exhibits a distinctiveness, allure, and a spark of innovation. If the aim is to draw in the audience and convert them into loyal customers, your marketing strategy must possess that special “X factor”. This is precisely why we’re delving into Dunzo’s marketing strategies.

So, let creativity be your guide as you craft a marketing strategy tailored to entice your target customers. Click here to learn more about getting your brand out there!

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