7 Tactics that can Spell Success in Inbound Lead Generation

by | Sep 18, 2023

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Lead generation is one of the most critical aspects that marketing and sales teams must pay attention to. It involves attracting prospective clients to a business and developing strategies that end up with them becoming customers. Notable lead-generation techniques include live events, blogs & articles, and coupons, which help in creating interest among people regarding the products or services of an organization. The process of lead-generation falls in the domain of inbound marketing methodology, and involves the following steps:

  • A casual visitor notices your website through blogs, social media channels, or keywords, and becomes interested in the products and services you offer
  • The next step is to convert the visitor into a lead through forms and call-to-action (CTA) options. Once the visitor interacts with the CTA option, it takes them to the landing page, a webpage that helps capture the lead’s information by presenting an offer in return. Common offers include a template, a course, or an eBook
  • The landing page enables the visitor to fill out their details on a form, which converts them into lead

Inbound leads differ from outbound leads, as the latter involves the use of tactics such as emailing and cold calling. The use of inbound lead generation tactics leads to substantial traffic reaching your landing page, making it very convenient to generate leads.

The following points discuss some of the well-known strategies that can help you in successful inbound lead generation:

Appealing and Crisp Content

content marketing lead generation

Most businesses prepare content in the form of blogs and articles so that a visitor gets interested in reading them while visiting their website. For instance, a person interested in preparing infographics may find an article titled “How to prepare an infographic in 5 easy steps” and read it. The page will have multiple CTAs, either within the content, at the bottom of the post, or in the side panel. An interested visitor is likely to click on one of the CTAs, which brings them a step closer to becoming a lead. Besides written content, videos, podcasts, and infographics are also very effective in delivering high-quality content.

Website Personalization

website lead generation ideas

A business needs to frequently update and optimize its website, as it is a vital part of lead-generation. There are a variety of online platforms that can help you in personalizing your website so that they are in line with what the audience demands and can easily grab their attention. For instance, the e-commerce flower company ‘Bouqs’ has set up its website so that even hyper-specific keywords from visitors can help them land on a personalized and highly-converting page.

Generate Leads with Social Media

social media lead generation marketing

Social media is a place where billions of people can be found each day, with a significant proportion looking for products or services. This has made such platforms an excellent starting point for generating leads.

However, it should be noted that different platforms are suited for different sets of audiences, and you must gauge where your target audience will be to realize your strategy. You can create posts advertising your offering and include a CTA in the caption or create a story that has the ‘Swipe Up’ option so that the visitors can conveniently reach the landing page.

Inbound Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing lead generation

When a person becomes a first-time buyer of your product or service, they are also given the option to subscribe to the mailing list of the business. Once that is done, it becomes very easy to send targeted content that can ultimately help in driving sales. Instead of using a purely text form of content, companies have started using creative images and infographics to attract the subscriber’s interest and lead them to the landing page of the company.

Leverage Retargeting and Paid Ads

Google ads lead generation

There are instances when you may feel that inbound marketing is a slow process. Make use of paid advertisements in such instances so that you can optimize your promotion for your targeted audience. Retargeting ads help you address a very specific segment of your audience. For instance, in the blog section of your website, you can see what types of posts are being most frequently read by visitors. The content enables you to determine what product or service they are more likely to buy.

Referral Marketing Strategy

referral lead generation marketing

Also known as word-of-mouth marketing, this is another notable lead-generation strategy, where a satisfied customer talks positively about your brand to their friends and acquaintances, thus increasing your reach and your potential for generating further leads without any major efforts. The only thing that your business needs to ensure is that these visitors reach the landing page so that lead conversion is successful.

Free Product Trials

offer lead generation strategy

When your business offers an option to the consumer to try out a product, it helps in building trust among the audience, which makes it a successful lead generation strategy. If you offer free versions of your product or service, you can include the company’s branding so that other customers can also be captured. Furthermore, using a product demo offers an opportunity to entice customers to buy related resources, driving the revenue further.


As seen above, you can efficiently attract leads to your business using effective inbound lead generation techniques. Companies make significant investments in this aspect of marketing, as they are proven to drive business growth. Once you have a grip on your data and what aspects are performing well, and you make proper use of the right tools for lead generation, you will be able to bring in leads that can enhance your business. Most importantly, delivering on quality and promise will ensure long-term success.

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