5 Useful Tips to Create a Successful Brand Name

by | Oct 3, 2023

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Consider this scenario, you have come up with an idea that is innovative and can address an area that has not been well understood. You have worked on this idea for a long time and bring it to reality. Now all that is left is to test and market it. But wait, you have not thought of any names for your brand that would suit the product or its functionalities. You cannot make it something vague, as it will not capture the product’s essence. On the other hand, give it a complex name and you run the risk of people not being able to understand what it means. Indeed, choosing and creating a successful brand name is an important step. It will aid consumers and investors in creating a positive perception of your business.

Creating a Successful Brand Name for Your Product

successful brand name

Today, there are various tools available that can make the process of selecting a brand name much easier. And with the explosive growth in the start-up space, we can be assured that there will be multitudes of unique brand names that we will hear of in the coming years.

Following are some of the attributes to consider when deciding on a brand name:

The name builds upon a defined strategy

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To create a successful brand name, businesses need to ensure that it outlines the value proposition and offers a clear definition of the brand strategy and way of working. If the name of the brand is funky and creative but is involved in professional services, it may sound out-of-place and not serious enough. On the other hand, tech-oriented spaces will not like the tone of an overtly professional name for a company.

Additionally, a fun-sounding name that can act as an overview of the company’s functioning and would suit very well in innovative industries. All these points mean that the brand strategy and brand name should be well-aligned with each other.

Making an emotional connection works a lot of the time

building a successful brand,

Create a successful brand name that conjures a vivid and positive image of the company. Forging an emotional connection with the target audience goes a long way in building the brand in the long run. The use of metaphors in this regard has proven to be very successful in this respect, as shown by numerous examples.

Take Apple’s Safari for instance; the word Safari refers to a journey or expedition, coming specifically from Africa. And what we do on the Internet is nothing less than a journey, making it a perfect metaphor for a browser name.

Going simple is sometimes the way to go

Although business owners give a lot of time and thought to name their brand, sometimes going simple can prove to be more beneficial. A simple name provides the advantage of being easy to spell and remember. Take, for instance, KaBoom Fireworks. What does a firework do? It explodes and goes KABOOM, thus the name. Another example is IMPACT, which helps salespeople and marketers achieve their targets. Short and easy to remember, while also outlining their specialization. Long story short, simple does not mean bland, as long as it helps establish your identity.

Descriptive names can also prove to be powerful

In many cases, a short name may seem to be very vague. Especially if the company specializes in niche areas that consumers may not be able to identify from just a simple word. Or maybe the brand wants to project a strictly professional image. The use of descriptive words as a brand name is well-suited in such instances.

Take the example of ‘The Weather Channel’; anyone from a little kid to an elderly person will easily be able to tell what services the company offers, which as weather reporting. However, in pursuit of a descriptive name, it should be ensured that the name does not end up being too long for customer liking.

A funny or witty brand name has a lot of appeal

If you feel that your brand is cool and aligns with the attitudes of today’s modern consumers, you can go for a funny brand name. Ensure that it does not cross the line. Look at a brand name like ‘Squatty Potty’, which specializes in products that help users in using the toilet more conveniently.

Or a name like ‘Locsanity’, which is a play on the word insanity and is a hair product for people who like dreading their hair. Clever names can be a bit hard to come by. However, if they are right on the money, they can help define a brand.


Ultimately, while a business may put significant efforts into naming its brand, it all would come to nothing if the final product or service is not to customers’ liking. The best way to name and define a brand is to understand what makes the business unique. And how it blends into the identity of the business.

It also becomes important to see how your brand name performs in search engine rankings. It also means that the brand name can revolve around something that already performs well in searches. 

At the same time, care should be taken so that the name does not end up getting lost in the search results. While doing so we need to understand the search intent of the online audience. All these factors go into the making of an ideal and effective brand name.

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