5 Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Brand Awareness

by | Sep 12, 2023

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Brand awareness talks about how familiar the target audience is with the brand of a business and how quickly they recognize the brand. Brands that have a high brand awareness are referred to as ‘buzzworthy’, ‘trending’, or simply put ‘popular.’ The establishment of brand awareness is crucial during the marketing and promotion of your products and company, particularly in the early phases of a business.

Why is brand awareness crucial for your business?

  • It helps in creating an association
  • It fosters trust
  • It aids in building brand equity

How to build brand awareness?

  • You need to be a person and not a company
  • Socialize
  • Present a narrative & tell a story
  • Make sharing your content simple

How to boost brand awareness? — 5 Strategies

Elaborated below are 5 campaign ideas for boosting your brand awareness beyond the initial tactic.

Offer freemium to your customers

offer freemium

Offering freemium to your customers assists them in getting know-how of your product and brand before they make a purchase. Freemium is considered a business model that delivers a product or a product line free of cost and only charges for products that are deemed enterprise-level or premium. It is a well-known price strategy for software-oriented businesses.

A freemium is a win-win situation wherein the consumers can use the product free of cost and the business gains the advantage of free advertising when the consumers use their products.

Develop free content

content marketing

If a brand is not creating content, it is probably missing out on significant opportunities for brand awareness. Content provides an exceptional solution to connect authentically with your audience and get your brand name known to people.

Consumers in the present era turn to the internet for concerns, questions, and DIY projects. Content is a creative way to raise awareness about your brand as it is the most convenient way to portray the personality and share thoughts on specific issues.

Content need not specifically be in text format and you can create videos, podcasts, infographics, and other forms of content. Further, it does not have to reside only on your website. Tactics including sponsored content and guest postings offer opportunities to gain access to new audiences and categorize the form of content.

Sponsor events

Event marketing

Events including fairs, concerts, and exhibitions are difficult to operate without the assistance of brand sponsorships. Sponsoring events is a fool-proof technique for presenting your brand in front of thousands of people who fall into your specific target audience. When you sponsor an event, your brand name will be displayed everywhere on flyers, banners, and water bottles.

Sponsoring an event also enables you to pin the brand name on an event that corresponds to your interests, personality, and passion. The consumers can then associate your brand with that particular event and its character & aesthetic. It also assists your company in building a brand image among qualified and highly specialized audiences and professionals.

Give a personality to your brand

personal branding

Looking at your brand as a person and building your narrative around it are the initial steps for giving a personality to your brand. The next step is to infuse this personality of the brand into your marketing strategies. When a product or a service is marketed with personality, one cannot help but build brand awareness as the essence of the brand can shine through. This is considered an exceptional strategy that helps combine conventional marketing campaigns for brand awareness.

Create a podcast

podcast marketing strategy

A substantial number of individuals listen to podcasts frequently. There was a time when podcasts were challenging and were only developed by those having access to a studio and an extravagant microphone. Presently, it is easier to develop and release podcasts, and doing so can significantly support your efforts for brand awareness.

Podcasts such as visual or written content offer a way to interact genuinely with your audience. Instead of promoting your product blatantly, podcasts deliver the opportunity to inform, educate, entertain, or instruct your audience and develop a sense of trust in them.


Building and expanding brand awareness is a never-ceasing process, just as preserving a friendship bond. Building a brand awareness strategy with the help of campaigns offers a chance to experiment with advertising and marketing opportunities that one would not otherwise invest in. It presents innovative and powerful ways to interact with your audience.

Famous brands are often worth the most. To find out how to make more people know your brand and help your marketing, kindly explore our website or send us an email at [email protected]

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