Tech Solutions

Enhance your business with technology – Use PanGrow’s business management services and strategies
to improve customer engagement and increase conversions.

PanGrow has built and optimized over 50 websites. These websites were designed concept to implementation by our team. Reach out to us for use-cases.

A concept note: Technology has impacted our life making it easier in every possible aspect. Humanity has now developed several pieces of equipment and machineries to perform many tedious activities within relatively smaller time frames. This can be applicable to your business also. Check out the below mentioned set of PanGrow’s offerings designed to help you with overall business management and enable your organization to embrace and use technology to your benefit. These offerings are primarily meant to help you design, optimize, deploy, monitor, analyze, improve, and streamline your day-to-day processes, ultimately leading to a more efficient system that churns out more revenue and facilitate growth.

Check out PanGrow’s range of tech based offerings:

Web Design & Development

Web Design

Our expert consultants assist you with revamping the design of your website and landing pages to enhance user experience and …

Website Development Services

Deploy our team of expert web developers and designers to create a dynamic and responsive website to compliment your business.

Website Maintenance

Our team of expert technical SEOs, in association with web developers will help you rectify any errors and maintain your website so …

Web Design Optimization

Our team of expert consultants help you optimize your landing pages and website to increase overall conversion rates.

Business management Services

Marketing Automation

To help your organization optimize marketing activities with the help of machine based automatic processes, so that you can brainstorm and innovate for further growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Talk to our consultants to understand how changing some minute elements on your website and landing pages can help increase the overall conversion rate for your business.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool

To enable you to monitor your business as one set of interlinked processes. It enables you to compare the outcomes from all your verticals or departments and see how it impacts your customer experience and growth.

Business Analytics

To dig deeper and highlight hidden opportunities, and
further optimize existing business processes.