How to Create a WordPress Website?

by | Sep 29, 2023

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Launching your website may seem like a daunting task but believe it or not, mastering the essential skills to create a WordPress website and launching as a small or medium business owner is the most effective way to scale your business today.

How to Create a WordPress Website

Create WordPress Website – a Must-have

Website creation is a needed skill for today’s business owners, both small and medium firms. Let’s understand why it is so important:

  • Knowing how to create your WordPress website can save you a lot of money as a web developer and designer.
  • This also allows you to follow market trends and add new things to your website without the help of programmers.
  • While having to consult a developer slows down the project, being able to build most things yourself keeps you ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, hosting personalized websites on platforms like WordPress has become a simpler task and incredibly budget-friendly. It is easier and hassle-free to create a WordPress website. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that gives you some easy-to-use tools to manage a site’s content without any programming expertise. From a visitor’s point of view, CMS looks a lot like the familiar Facebook and Google Docs interfaces. You create new pages or documents and publish them on the web. As listed by Wikipedia, there are over 100 CMSs out there but luckily, choosing the best one is easy. WordPress is the only king on top of the mountain. For a better perspective, 43% of all websites are created using WordPress. Put another way, about a third of the websites you visit are based on WordPress.

Here’s why WordPress is the right platform to build your website:

  • It’s open source.
  • It’s free.
  • It’s the ultimate DIY solution for online stores.
  • It’s fast, secure, and optimized.
  • Extremely versatile – can run any type of website.
  • It’s SEO-ready.
  • It simplifies social media promotions.

A Step-By-Step Approach – Bird’s Eye View

wordpress website builder

Develop Your Website

WordPress lets you choose your niche and pick a topic that resonates with your interests or business idea so updating it won’t seem like a chore month down the road. Decide on a website wherein you can share your ideas, and run a business, or a store.

Select a Domain Name

The domain name should reflect your niche and should be easy for users to remember and never forget. Keyword research can also help. Stuck with a specific name, but is .com already taken? Try .co or .net. Once you choose the right name for your website, creating a WordPress website becomes easier and you also get an option to add a captivating tagline.

Web Hosting

The next step is to find a reliable web host to host your website. This includes industry-leading servers and infrastructure. What about a dedicated vs. shared server?

  • Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is the most generic type of web hosting. It’s like leasing an apartment with one or more friends. Web hosting can have up to thousands of co-owners. When you buy shared hosting, your company’s domain is hosted on the server and all websites share the same hosting. One of the major advantages of shared hosting is cost. As the same web hosting service is provided to thousands of parties, the cost of the server is shared and the service provider can offer very affordable plans. Second, shared hosting is very basic and easy, making it the right choice for beginners. Shared hosting is great, but it can have a negative impact on your neighborhood, slowing you down and causing downtime.
  • Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated hosting is usually chosen by large companies with multiple websites. You can enjoy all the benefits and use your server easily with dedicated hosting. You get complete customization freedom, zero security risks and no bad neighbors. Dedicated hosting is not for you if you are not comfortable with this. It’s not worth it unless you have deep expertise as the price and technology jump up. Secondly, you put all your eggs in one basket, so a small security crash on your server can destroy your entire website and your entire server containing your information. A VPN service can help increase your complete security. Beyond these two basic hosting types, there are cloud hosting, reseller hosting, self-service hosting, and more.

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a program written in the PHP scripting language that adds specific functionality or services to your WordPress website. WordPress plugins not only offer a high level of customization and flexibility to your WordPress site, but they also provide valuable features and tools to your visitors. You may not use any plugins at first, but the longer you use WordPress, the more your site will benefit from plugins. Some of the market favorites are JetPack and Yoast SEO. You can get plugin preferences in your WordPress admin dashboard.


Marketing a new website comprises two key endeavors.

  • First SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Make sure your page title, description, and body contain relevant keywords.
  • Second, promote your website in every way you can and take all the time needed for it. You can do so by utilizing free options that include using forums on social media platforms and sending newsletters by email frequently. Build social connections and increase link popularity by guest posts and comments on blogs, forums and communities.
  • Aside from that, the cost is a factor that makes many people think about creating a website. As mentioned, building a website using WordPress is free if you don’t opt ​​for additional premium services.

There you have it – build your website in five easy steps!


The most fascinating feature of this process is that you can do it all by yourself without hiring anyone. It is the most affordable solution to get your platform up and running. Using WordPress, you can also add and build impactful niches to your website.

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