12 Proven SEO Hacks for Business Growth

by | Jan 4, 2024

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SEO growth hacking are a way to boost the quality and quantity of traffic to a website using organic search engine results. A higher ranking when a user searches a term in your industry increases the brand visibility online. This extends opportunities to convert potential clients into customers. Website visibility is commonly measured through the placement of the site on the search engine result page. Most businesses strive for the first page that attracts the most viewer attention. It is important to understand that SEO growth hacking strategies comprises several elements. It is crucial as it makes the website more visible. SEO growth hacking drives more traffic to the website and more opportunities to convert prospects into successful customers.

In addition to this, it is also a valuable brand awareness tool that helps build relationships with potential customers. They position the company as an authoritative expert in the industry.

Why is SEO Growth Hacking Important?

seo growth hacking techniques

From above it may be understood that SEO is a key marketing activity. It is carried out to make a website or business visible on the web.

It is important because it offers several benefits such as:

Builds brand trust and credibility

Websites that rank high on search engine result pages are considered to be of high quality and trustworthy. Results indicated on the first page are most relevant leading to credibility for the business. Showcasing the right content on the website and a superior user experience helps with a high website ranking.

Offers a competitive edge

When SEO growth hacking strategies are consistently deployed, once done in the right manner helps outrank the competition. Once a company is listed on the first web page, the chances of client conversion increase. It boosts sales and helps the business stay ahead of the competition.

Cost-effective process

Companies need to invest time and resources to have effective SEO growth hacking strategies. An effective SEO plan not only helps a company increase sales but also helps build client trust. Thus proving it to be an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy.

Leads to quantifiable results

A number of tools are available online that measure the effectiveness of SEO efforts. For example- Google analytics is capable of offering comprehensive information regarding organic traffic. Data comprises pages that clients engage with and keywords that are used during searches. This data is further cross-referenced with the need to take action and see how SEO has played a key role in customer engagement and acquisition.

Key to Mastering SEO Growth Hacking Strategies

Let us now look at some of the major SEO growth hacking strategies:

growth hacking seo strategies

Effective content marketing

Content marketing is regarded as a long-term strategy that works for most business types. Superior quality content development and promotion, together, helps a business gain social attention thus driving organic traffic to the website. It is important to note that the content being showcased on the company website must be concise and to the point.

Additionally, simplified content that is easy to understand for all supported by attractive images provides for an effective content mix.

Choosing the right keywords

Along with an effective content strategy, it is important to understand the use of the right keywords to boost SEO efforts. Picking the apt keywords for the website and content requires research. It is important to gain high relevance, volume ratings, and gain competitive advantage. In this sense, keywords are a practice of SEO that experts use to find search terms that users enter into search engines when seeking products, services, and other general information.

Keywords are linked to queries that are asked by users in search engines. Using the right set of keywords will drastically boost the traffic results.

Using Internal Links

Internal links are mainly links from any page on the company website to another page on the company’s website. Both the viewers and search engines use links to access content on the website. Users turn to links to navigate through the company’s website and find the information that they need. Search engines also use internal links to navigate through the company’s site. There are numerous types of internal links.

Along with links on the homepage, menu, post feed, etc., one can also add links within the content, known as contextual links.


Backlinks are links on a particular website that point to another website. They may also be known as external or inbounds. Google’s ranking module is based on page ranks. Hence it interprets backlinks as votes.

Meaning, pages with more votes will rank higher, especially if they are from credible sources.

Including alt text images

Alternative text or alt text is essentially used to convey why the image used relates to the content of the website. The inclusion of alt text on the website is a principle of website accessibility. This attribute allows viewers to read the information regarding the on-page image. It is also for the benefit of even those who are visually impaired.

Thus, alt text offers improved image context to search engine crawlers, helping them to index and rank images in an image search. It also offers search engines with contextual information regarding the content on the website.

Including FAQs

When going through a website, people have questions especially when they start researching a topic. While most may have been answered in the article, there is a possibility that many would have been missed out.

Including FAQs at the bottom page can prove to be effective. It answers all the possible questions pertaining to the company, giving the users a clear understanding.

Improving website loading speed

Web pages that rank on top of the search engine’s first page usually load considerably faster as compared to those that are on the bottom of the page. How quickly or slowly the site loads directly affects the Google ranking. Hence, it is clear that if one wishes to rank higher, the site must load quickly.

Certain ways include- moving to a better host, reducing web page file size, removing unnecessary third-party scripts, and compressing the site’s images.

Refreshing content with diminishing traffic

Changing times call for changing trends. This means that there is a need to refresh content as a part of the core content strategy. It is necessary for the company to regularly update or rewrite the website content in case the ranking and traffic are not increasing.

Including longer posts

Most leading search engines like Google prefer in-depth, longer posts that provide complete information about the page has to offer. Longer posts are important because they answer most questions people would want to ask leading to brand clarity.

Although most people refrain from reading longer articles, it is important to break the content into parts and support it with attractive images.

Enhancing organic CTR through PPC testing

It is important to optimize for both ranking and clicks. Certain elements that can impact a website’s CTR are – title tag and meta description. But how does one know which title tag offers the highest CTR? Through testing. This may be organic i.e. by changing the title tag and meta description and seeing what happens or using PPC.

Optimizing for Web Vitals

Core web vitals are measures used by Google to access the website’s overall user experience. They may be made of three key page speed and user interaction measures i.e. first input delay, cumulative layout shifts, and largest contentful paint.

Encourage social media sharing

In today’s digital era, it is important for every business to be active on social media. When the website or its content is shared on social media the SEO ranking automatically increases with a rise in traffic.

One of the best ways to encourage social media sharing is by including social sharing icons on the content. Also sharing the links on social media pages is important.


All in all, it is important to understand that SEO is not a trend but a necessity. It is important for websites to concentrate on right now and in the coming times. Companies must carefully evaluate what they wish to convey to the viewers and then use a mix of SEO strategies to stay ahead in the competition.

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